Cultural Identity Essay or Explore Your Roots

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Cultural Identity Essay or Explore Your Roots
Table of Contents
  1. Cultural Identity Essay or Explore Your Roots
  2. The Role of the Assignment
  3. Purpose of Cultural Identity Essay
  4. Why is Cultural Identity Important
  5. Cultural Identity Essay Topics
  6. Cultural identity essay topics related to education
  7. Cultural identity essay topics related to nationality and ethnicity
  8. Cultural identity essay topics related to politics
  9. Cultural identity essay topics related to social status
  10. Cultural Essay: Things to Talk about While Writing
  11. How to Write Cultural Identity Essay
  12. Grab Free Cultural Identity Essay Example Example!
  13. Where to Get Help?

When you are to write a cultural identity essay, you are genuinely lucky. People adore talking about themselves and expressing their points of view like they do in a position paper format. This kind of paper provides you with the possibility to share your cultural background in detail and talk about yourself quite a lot. 

The first glance at the task may lead to a slight confusion and a question like Should I write about tedious dances in my village in midsummer? or something. No, you shouldn’t. Let’s get to know what exactly we write when we write about our cultural identity. 

The Role of the Assignment

How would you characterize a cultural identity essay? A cultural identity essay unlike а 5-paragraph essay is a popular type of academic, sometimes even creative paper that expresses the feeling of belonging to a particular culture accounted for the process of growing up and becoming an individual person with own personality. 

It is similar to a typical academic essay written in 5 paragraphs; unlike general papers, this one should relate to the topics associated with the origins of the writer and their experiences. It is an excellent chance for all international students who made their long way to the United States or the United Kingdom from China, India, German, Egypt, and other countries where English is not an official language. Such students can express their feelings and emotions in a nostalgic composition about their land.

Purpose of Cultural Identity Essay

The primary purpose of a good essay about cultural identity is to share a sense of identification with a particular nation. Describing the most vivid traditions and episodes from history will help. It looks like a narrow, restricted assignment, but students can choose out of a great range of paper titles:

  • Anthropology
  • Religion
  • Demographics
  • Language
  • Nationality & ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Social status
  • Economic factors
  • Local political regime
  • Education

Each student, after writing a cultural identity essay, gains a better understanding of the nature of cultural identity and its contribution to people's wellbeing today. 

Why is Cultural Identity Important

Cultural identity is crucial in forming people's sense of self. Also, it helps the nation understand how it relates to other nations. In terms of cultural identity, individuals may also identify themselves with more than a single culture. As it is highly important for humans to feel a sense of national identity and also to be able to belong to particular social or ethnic groups, cultural identity is highly important in building a healthy nation and contributing to their wellbeing. 

A person can write about everything related to his motherland. The main point is to present the information based on both primary sources (facts & statistics) and personal judgments of the writer. A teacher will appreciate the usage of any literature. Use it to describe the native land of the student (novels, short stories, poems, etc.).

A student can dig deeper into the history of their native land and recall the lines from the best ancient authors’ masterpieces. A student from Iran can identify their native land as Persia. They might get extra points from the teacher by mentioning the most distinguished poets of Persia (Omar Khayyam, Rudaki, Asad Gorgani) in the essay about cultural identity. Insert the quotations of these authors to depict the spirit of Persia.

Cultural Identity Essay Topics 

Cultural identity essay topics may vary due to the wide range of spheres related to the culture, identity formation, and cultural effects. Among the major spheres there may be outlined:

Cultural identity essay topics related to education

  1. Cultural identity in schools
  2. Acculturation and school adjustment of immigrants in America
  3. The role of cultural identity in the conversations between students
  4.  Cultural identity crisis in the modern age of digital transformation
  5. Cultural identity development in ethnic minority or culture with friends
  6. Identity formation in young adulthood
  7. Cultural diversity value
  8. Cultural communication
  9. Professional communication cultural sensitivity 
  10. Self-expression of identity in literature

Cultural identity essay topics related to nationality and ethnicity

  1. Personal perspective and cultural identity
  2. Cultural advances in Islamic world
  3. Cultural identity development
  4. Racial cultural identity development model
  5. Cultural hybridity identity
  6. Cultural tourism
  7. Cultural understanding of the cultural diversity
  8. Cross-cultural health perspective
  9. Cultural identity and its role in cultural development
  10. Cultural conflict between family and culture

Cultural identity essay topics related to politics

  1. Social identity and political intolerance
  2. The relation between cultural identity and American revolution
  3. Racial stereotypes in America
  4. The effects of British colony on the cultural identity of the nation
  5. Cultural forms of the term African-American
  6. Cultural intelligence in the modern world
  7. Cultural modernism
  8. Cultural influence on politics
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Cultural identity essay topics related to social status

  1. Cultural identity and social class
  2. Cultural representation of high social class
  3. Cultural priorities and workplace design
  4. Cultural identity and health equity
  5. Cultural perceptions of time in Africa
  6. Intersectionality between cultural identities in health industry
  7. The linkage between cultural identity and behavioral change

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Cultural Essay: Things to Talk about While Writing

A cultural identity essay has no particular differences from a typical reflection paper. To succeed, a student should mix a reflection essay with a history research paper. Do not focus on the particular historical episodes like wars or certain ruler’s reign – explain what makes this land stand out from the rest of the world. It would be the 1st part of the project.

Another part of the essay on cultural identity must describe the author’s personal feelings & emotions. That is why a writer can use the 1st person. It is possible to compose a paper in the 3rd person like a separate short story. The same with the primary sources: a student may involve quotes of other authors, facts, statistics, and examples from books if he wants to highlight the topic from different aspects. It is not obligatory because a cultural identity essay has to focus on the personal experience and feelings. Additional research is an advantage in any situation. A student may view various examples to get inspired and outstandingly start the paper.

As for the format, teachers recommend using the one established by the Modern Language Association because MLA is what a student needs in his English Language and Literature class. A paper should have a narrative/descriptive form.

How to Write Cultural Identity Essay 

To start working on the cultural identity essay, you should build an essay structure map in your mind. Understanding how your paper should look like, it will easier for to start writing the first lines. If a student gets stuck at the very beginning of argumentative writing, it means they faced a writers’s block. One of the reasons of such a block is lack of understanding how to complete the assignment. If this is the case, follow the steps below:

1. How to Start a Cultural Identity Essay

A crucial part of every quality cultural identity essay in the opening paragraph. In this part, the audience understands what made you the kind of a person that you are. In the introduction,  you should talk about your background. Shortly, introduction is meant to tantalize, hint, and make your reader interested in reading all the following paragraphs instead of revealing all up front. 

Remember to finish your opening paragraph with a concise thesis, which preferably is the last sentence of the introduction paragraph and is described as a separate section. This argumentative and powerful claim has to be proven within the main body.

2. Main Body

The total length of the body paragraphs may vary, but they should be equal in length. The purpose of the body section is to build upon the established thesis statement. Here, your analysis goes and builds connections between ideas and consequences. 

3. How to Conclude 

To conclude the essay, it is enough to restate the principal points, emphasize the thesis statement, repeat the meaning of cultural identity for you, and its impact on you as a person. 

Let the cultural identity essay example give an overall understanding of how to compose this type of paper.

Grab Free Cultural Identity Essay Example Example!

“My parents told me that my cultural identity is African American. It is reflected in meals, literature, religion, anthropology, behavior, family structure, cinematography, music, art, language, and many other factors. It is a symbolic level. African American life is based on the faith and hope: we express it via music, prayer, and worship. The religion of my family reminds more of the modern United States than African tribes, but it is different from a typical Christianity.

I have felt my passion for the humanitarian subjects from the beginning of the educational process. The one subject that people of African American origins stress among the rest is music. Music is the best way to identify one with the particular culture. Various thematical papers and songs have informed the listeners about the deeds & events that took place within African American society. There are many different genres applied to express various emotions.

One of my favorite historical episode to describe my ethnical belonging the best was June 19th when the slaves started to celebrate Juneteenth Holiday, which is recognized by the entire country nowadays. It became the African American addendum to the US Independence Day. This holiday reveals the most important attribute of my nationality – love for freedom.

Each new year the African American community celebrates this date, it becomes more exciting: the spirit of my ethnical group is flying in the air. I have met different people from various regions of Africa in the US. The celebration unites these representatives with different tastes, life goals, stories, and views in one location where we can exchange the obtained experience. It returns the sense of cultural identity to each of us.

The celebration helps to understand these people have more in common than they thought even though each of the African American citizens of the United States is an individual with his own preferences and opinions. I pay attention to the specific, behavioral, and the symbolic for they possess their place in a person being who they are. I wish other citizens of the US who came overseas will realize their belonging one day. There are several helpful ways. One of them is “to acquire a new culture by becoming disabled, moving to a new country or region, or by a change in our economic status. It is enough to start thinking about our belonging to let nostalgia win.” (Community Tool Box, 2013). This truth of life should go hand in hand with every man. Without knowing our identity, we do not exist; people are born to serve their native land as well as the word of God, and I believe it is equally important.”

Where to Get Help?

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