40 Great Healthcare Research Topics for College Students

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40 Great Healthcare Research Topics for College Students
Table of Contents
  1. 40 Great Healthcare Research Topics for College Students
  2. Health Research
  3. Medical Research Topics: How to Choose
  4. Health Research Topics
  5. Healthcare Research Topics for College
  6. Healthcare Management Research Paper Topics
  7. Other Health Research Topics
  8. Final Thoughts

If you are studying Medicine and need worthy healthcare research topics for college, go no further! In this blog post, our proficient writers have compiled a useful list of health research ideas and suggestions on how to choose a decent topic. Select the one that you like most and be ready to nail any assignment related to health.

Health Research

Healthcare research is a diverse field of study which includes various topics that you may cover. From mental health issues to the use of technology in the medical industry, there are many interesting healthcare research topics to choose from. 
Aspects discussed in medical papers are of great importance in modern society. For that reason, a well-crafted health project allows college students to go beyond task completion. It also provides a unique opportunity to catch international reader's attention.

Medical Research Topics: How to Choose

It's essential to start your research by brainstorming different problems related to health. Try to consider as many topics for research papers as possible. At this point, you need to select several relevant issues and conduct independent research. This crucial step allows us to come up with insights and offer new solutions to the existing problems. Do not forget to include valuable takeaways for future studies when analyzing one of the healthcare research topics.
To make the process easier, a student should focus on the why, what, and how questions. Make sure to address the following queries:

  1. Why is the chosen topic important?
  2. How does the subject can contribute to the existing studies?
  3. What is the main idea of your research paper?

Having these questions answered is the key to success. Now that you know how to select a good topic let's move on to the medical field's typical categories.

Health Research Topics


Health research topics offer a great variety of choices. It's not necessary to describe a specific illness, its symptoms and treatment like most students may do. Instead, you are more than welcome to focus on technological advancements or alternative therapies.
Overall, healthcare research issues can be divided into the following main sections:

  • Diseases: The symptoms, causes, risk factors, prevention, treatment, diagnosis, complications
  • Healthcare management and leadership
  • Healthcare education and training
  • Professions related to the healthcare research
  • Legal aspects of health care
  • Scientific innovations and development
  • Technical impact on the improvement of medical services
  • Mental disabilities in patients
  • Nursing and administration

Think about what area of study is of most interest to you and try to come up with a great subject in the respective category. If you run out of ideas, do not hesitate to look through the list of healthcare topics given below. Whether it's a case study, a lab report, a persuasive essay, or a research paper, you are sure to find the most practical idea for your assignment.

Healthcare Research Topics for College 

  1. Below, you can find excellent healthcare research topics for college students that you can cover in the project:
  2. How does the US government encourage the development of healthcare services?
  3. Investment in the improvement of the healthcare sector in the UK
  4. Mandatory overtime of the medical staff
  5. Inequalities that exist in Medicine
  6. Nursing shortage and its impact on the patient care
  7. Controversial issues in the healthcare sector
  8. Storage systems preferred by the healthcare administrators
  9. Electronic health records system: its advantages and disadvantages
  10. A shift from inpatient hospitalization to ambulatory care
  11. The use of technology in the treatment
  12. The quality of service in modern US asylums
  13. Do asylums help people with mental issues?
  14. The methods of memory improvement
  15. Mental issues in children
  16. Factors that influence the Autism development in children

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Healthcare Management Research Paper Topics

Now let's take a look at the list of research paper topics in healthcare management. It will help to write a compelling paper on leadership in healthcare.
  1. 4 functions of management in a healthcare setting
  2. ABC hospital as a privately owned community hospital
  3. Ways how a typical registered nurse can become a physician
  4. The role of surgeons in the healthcare setting
  5. People who are responsible for failures during the surgeries
  6. Legal responsibility of the hospital administration
  7. The role of human resources management in hospitals
  8. Public vs private hospitals
  9. Methods used to improve staff relations in the healthcare environment
  10. Management principles for healthcare professionals
  11. The correlation between the quality of patient service and revenue
  12. Third-party payers
  13. Accounting and financial reporting in healthcare institutions
  14. Coordination and administration of patients plus other nurse's duties
  15. The impact of regular staff training on the quality of patient services

Other Health Research Topics 

We have added some bonus topics related to health that cover other fields.
  1. Should the United Kingdom implement national health care?
  2. The estimated cost of anorexia nervosa
  3. The efficiency of the ongoing breast cancer studies
  4. Necessary equipment to improve the treatment of AIDS
  5. Health care issues in the third-world countries
  6. The impact of smoking on cancer development
  7. Causes and effects of heart attacks
  8. Risk management in treating diseases
  9. The importance of banning tobacco ads
  10. COVID 19: Staffing shortage

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Final Thoughts

You have reviewed 40 excellent topics related to health. Hopefully, these ideas will come in handy when you do a college assignment. If you need assistance with choosing a topic or handling a healthcare research paper, do not hesitate to contact a professional online writing team. Our dedicated experts are eager to deliver any research essay on health from scratch in no time!