101 Sociology Research Topics 2022

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101 Sociology Research Topics 2022
Table of Contents
  1. 101 Sociology Research Topics 2022
  2. Sociology Definition
  3. What Makes a Good Thesis Topic?
  4. Cool Thesis Topics 2022
  5. 1. Addiction and Health
  6. 2. Social Norms and Behavior
  7. 3. Children, Teens, and Society
  8. 4. Marriage and Relationship
  9. 5. Online Life
  10. 6. Safety on the Internet
  11. 7. Communication
  12. 8. Stereotypes about Things and People
  13. 9. Politics and Government

When you're required to write a sociology research paper, be prepared to work on a topic that is connected to people and society. You can choose from a variety of subjects including relationships, social norms, people's behavior, stereotypes, communication between different groups and individuals, and many other interesting things to write about. 

For some students, it may be not easy to create a good manuscript without help. Of course, you can ask someone to complete your assignment. But at the start, we want to share some useful tips on making a great topic. Keep reading and create an outstanding paper easily!

Sociology Definition

Commonly accepted definitions of sociology agree that it is the scientific or systematic study of human society. The focus is on understanding and explaining, and ranges from the individual in social interaction to groups to societies and global social processes. Unique to sociology is its emphasis upon the reciprocal relationship between individuals and societies as they influence and shape each other.

Methods of discovery range from quantitative methodologies patterned after those of natural science with the goals of explanation and prediction to strategies for social reform and service to qualitative methodologies that focus on interpretation and understanding rather than prediction.

Since its inception through the early decades of the 20th century, the discipline of sociology was essentially monolithic in perspective, representing a rather narrow range of topics in sociology areas. Early sociologists were essentially generalists, and during the first 100 years of disciplinary activity, the literature of sociology expanded only incrementally. By the mid-20th century, however, there was a sufficiently large body of sociological literature on which to draw and a much broader and energized sociological curiosity as to foster some degree of specialization.

For more than 100 years, sociological research has covered a vast terrain of topics, theoretical perspectives, and methodologies that run the range of mainstream research topics of interest, emerging new ideas. 

What Makes a Good Thesis Topic?

How to select what to write about when you're working on sociology research? Of course, first of all, you need to pick a well-focused and clear topic. Please follow these tips to create a good subject for your future thesis paper:

  1. Check out if a chosen topic meets your teacher's requirements. If you are not sure about this, it's better to ask the professor.
  2. Select an interesting topic you're excited about. Maybe it's an easy tip, but sometimes for students, it's not so simple to find something they feel passionate to write about.
  3. Make sure you know the scope of your work. If you will make it too narrow, then you may feel difficulties with finding the needed information and sources. And on the other hand, if the topic is too broad, you will not be able to focus on important details. 

Cool Thesis Topics 2022

Is it difficult for you to create a successful topic in sociology? Choose from our fresh ideas below! 

1. Addiction and Health

  1. How do the addicts impact our society?
  2. Why medical marijuana should be legalized all over the world?
  3. How people's mental health can change our society?
  4. How does social media affect our mental health?
  5. Why do video games become an addiction for young people and how to prevent this?
  6. Should we ban cigarettes and alcohol in colleges?
  7. How does alcohol addiction appear?
  8. Can casinos be a sort of addiction for people?
  9. Why is it so difficult for addicts to get rid of their addiction?
  10. Should we put mental health as a subject in schools?
  11. Why do computers and other devices become an addiction for many people?

We have one more blog with medical topics to research. If you lack some interesting ideas, it may come in handy.

2. Social Norms and Behavior

  1. How to differentiate whether the behavior is normal or not?
  2. How social norms are formed in modern society?
  3. Why do people behave differently in the same situations?
  4. What's deviance and how this diagnosis can change social norms?
  5. Compare the social norms of the 18th century and current life.
  6. How is it possible to stop someone from deviant behavior?
  7. Who sets the social norms for groups of people?
  8. What are the main signs of deviance?
  9. How to teach children with deviant behavior
  10. What's the main factor in forming certain social norms?
  11. What age or group of people is more influenced by social norms of behavior?

3. Children, Teens, and Society

  1. Teenagers and their self-identification difficulties
  2. Idols for children: negative and positive things
  3. What is the main reason for teens who committed suicide?
  4. Early pregnancy: how to teach teenagers to avoid this thing?
  5. How to tell children about the relationship, sex, and abortion?
  6. Why does distance learning harm kids' socialization?
  7. Why is sex education important for teenagers?
  8. Bullying in schools: how to prevent aggressive behavior?
  9. Why do teenagers have stereotypes?
  10. Why do teens join gangs?
  11.  How to teach kids moral and good behavior?

4. Marriage and Relationship

  1. Why do people get married?
  2. Why does our society have a negative position about divorces?
  3. Why do people of different social groups form relationships?
  4. Is it possible to create a successful marriage?
  5. How young parents should get used to their new roles?
  6. Why do many women are against feminism?
  7. Why do some men have no wish for a legal marriage?
  8. A union of two people: why it's important for society?
  9. How have social norms about relationships changed lately?
  10. Teenagers and relationships
  11. Is it simple to be a husband and a wife? 

5. Online Life

  1. Would we live better without the Internet?
  2. How does Facebook affect our life?
  3. Why do people get addicted to social media?
  4. Is it possible for people to live without the Internet?
  5. Why are online dates so popular?
  6. Why do people prefer chatting to a meeting?
  7. How does social media influence our life?
  8. Why do people get addicted to social media?
  9. Is online communication better than real?
  10. Behavior in social media and our real life
  11. Is it easier to hide under a social media profile? 

6. Safety on the Internet

  1. What's cyberbullying and how to avoid it?
  2. How to work safely online?
  3. Who are scammers and how to avoid them?
  4. Why are there so many cybercriminals?
  5. How does our society change with Internet appearance?
  6. What to do if someone has received a scam email?
  7. Why do we create false profiles on the Internet?
  8. How to hide your online identity?
  9. Is it easy for kids to avoid cyberbullying?
  10. Is it safe to write personal details in your profile?
  11. How to protect yourself from being scammed?

7. Communication

  1. Is online communication better than real?
  2. Why do people need communication?
  3. What to do if you feel lonely?
  4. How to deal with a lack of communication?
  5. Communication at work: the main rules
  6. How to communicate with your boss?
  7. Is it easy to work online?
  8. Why do some people avoid communication?
  9. Is it easy for an introvert to communicate with others?
  10. Can extroverts live without communication?
  11. Communication as a part of life

8. Stereotypes about Things and People

  1. Why do people have different stereotypes of different ages?
  2. How does society affect stereotypes?
  3. Is it easy to live without stereotypes?
  4. How do stereotypes affect our self-esteem?
  5. Stereotypes about relationship
  6. Religion and stereotypes
  7. Life with stereotypes: pros and cons
  8. Difference between national stereotypes
  9. Why do children have no stereotypes?
  10. Why can't we live without stereotypes?
  11. How to avoid stereotypes?
  12. Stereotypes and their role in society

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9. Politics and Government

  1. Why do people join parties?
  2. The role of politics in social life
  3. What methods do politicians use to convince people?
  4. Elections and society
  5. Why do people choose "the wrong" politicians?
  6. The implant of government laws on our society
  7. How to avoid pressure from the government?
  8. How do political views impact communication?
  9. Why do people break laws?
  10. Is it easy to be a politician?
  11. How does the government care about society?
  12. Which social norms should be banned?

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