How to Write a Definition Essay in 1-2-3

How to Write a Definition Essay in 1-2-3

Let's imagine that you face a situation when the particular word is completely new to you. It may be interesting or not; it may relate to your studies or work. In any case, it is better to fulfill your vocabulary by searching for its definition. Of course, the first thing most people do is they take their dictionaries and open the needed page. They may also search on the web. Once they do so, a correct definition (or several interpretations) pops up. Choose the one with respect to your context. That's it - you have just learned a new word!

Many times, a complicated term with multiple meanings cannot be explained in a sentence or two. Even a full paragraph may not be enough to share the entire sense. Deep words may demand a lot of words/phrases to describe it. That is when a teacher may give a specific assignment to the class. Right, it's all about interpreting a single word!

A Definition of the Definition Essay

Usually, a definition essay is not too complex to write. It is still much shorter than any other type of writing task. A student can include both official definition and his own ideas regarding the given term. That is how such essay can occupy one whole page. Usually, teachers give several words to discuss to make the paper longer. Sure thing, you may select a word which requires several sentences or even words to describe it. However, you will barely earn a high grade for that. It is better to select complex terms with the broad definition. They should possess a long history and interesting origins. You must come up with the whole story for your word. Then your definition essay would be a piece of the pie.

Words like "love" and "hate" are excellent choices as it is impossible to define them in short. There is no specific definition of these words. A student may involve a universal interpretation of one of these words, include the offers from the dictionaries, and add a few words describing the personal understanding of the word. You can find more ideas below. Have a look at the excellent examples of definition essays online.

Possible Topics for Definition Essay

  • The traits of a true hero
  • Describing success
  • What is love?
  • Different interpretations of beauty
  • How each human defines happiness?
  • Is there the best definition for respect?
  • The definition of loyalty
  • What does courage mean?
  • The essence of friendship
  • The nature of hate

You have just seen the most common samples of topics students often choose when receiving definition essay tasks. You may face one of these assignments on the test or as your coursework. There is no limit - a lot of words have multiple, deep meanings and interpretations.

The purpose is to select the term which you feel comfortable with and which seems interesting to you and people around. Also, you should avoid typical essay mistakes and pitfalls. You can become a word artist with the help of your pen or computer only!

Preparing an Outline

Even though a definition essay is smaller than other types of essays, it may still have an outline. The volume of words you write actually depends on the complexity of chosen term or phrase. Right, you can choose a whole phrase, idiom, or proverb to talk about in your definition essay. Some words are truly logical and simple to explain. At the same time, some words demand an in-depth research and investigation to formulate an exact representation of their meaning.

Every academic paper should obey the next well-known structure: Introduction-Body-Conclusion. And a definition essay is not an exception.

You may read more about writing an outline in this article.

Preparation Tips

Sure thing, each student has to get ready before coming up with the written version of the definition essay. It won't take too much time.

If your teacher does not provide you with the word, begin with exploring all possible topic ideas. We would like to share several hints that will help to make a decision and get ready!

Select your word wisely. There is no chance of writing a hefty essay on a simple word with an obvious or single definition. While making your decision, try to be meticulous. Avoid including nouns or verbs. What we mean is that you won't write too much about the words like "bed"; or "dress". Of course, you can use all your imagination, but it will only lead to wordiness. However, if you choose some process to analyze, you may come up with the several good ideas. You may select "painting" or "observing". They are more or less subjective so that you can give it a try!

Pick only terms with multiple definitions. You can find many multi-dimensional words in every language. Select words that have a lot of synonyms like "gorgeous" or "fight". People tend to perceive such words differently, so it's your chance to stand out!

Ignore words that are universal in every culture. These words can be "hi" or "telephone".

Make sure that you know what you're talking about. In other words, do you get the definition of the term? If not, it is better to switch to another one. Keep in mind that teachers want to see some examples drawn from student's own life instead of reading pages of definitions only. At least, explore all dictionaries to be sure about your choice.

Conduct historical research to understand the origins of your term.

Turn to the Oxford Dictionary or another official dictionary to find the full interpretation of the term.

Writing Definition Essay

The only thing you should keep in mind which makes this type of essay different is whether you deal with the standard or thesis definition. You may include both to get the full credit. The first type of definition is the one taken from the official sources like dictionaries. It is an important starting point. As for thesis definition, this sentence involves the full version of what the word means. Mix standard definition with your own experience with the usage of the term. It is all about writing an introduction.

The body must contain:

  • History and Origin
  • Complete dictionary explanation and usage
  • Personal interpretation

Summarize the main points of your assignment in the conclusion just like you usually do. Repeat your thesis statement once again.

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