As we all know, Eastern European school system does not let students relax and choose only those disciplines that they are interested in and that are easier for them. Even though you are a very creative person and you have been dreaming of becoming an artist since childhood, there is no way for you to avoid taking geometry or biology classes. It is true that every single student asked this question: why do I need to study literature/chemistry/physics/foreign language/history, etc. if my future career will have nothing to do with these subjects or if they are just boring and I am not good at them?

Unexpected Job Opportunities

The simplest answer is that we should not underestimate the importance of certain subjects in our lives. Sometimes it happens that a subject that we did not pay enough attention to in school becomes crucial for our career. For instance, it might happen that in order to get a position in a company you need to take a math test. However, you did not like math in school and did not consider it to be valuable for you. Now, of course, you desperately want this job and you start studying math again from the very beginning. Certainly, it is hard to be good at every single subject. It is also quite possible that you have not dealt with math for many years before you found this job. Nevertheless, when you have good background knowledge, it is always easier to turn this knowledge from passive to active.

Practical Application of Knowledge

The knowledge that we acquire in school is often very abstract. When students do not see how the skills they acquire can be applied in practice, they lose interest in a subject because they consider it useless and a waste of time. Certainly, it is a teacher’s task to make abstract subjects like physics and chemistry more realistic and to show how certain concepts work in real life. What we know for sure is that everything we learn in school can be used in everyday life. One of the simplest and the best examples is static electricity. Could you think of at least any person who did not experience this unpleasant feeling? Static electricity is the result of an unequal positive and negative charge between things. Feeling static electricity is not the best experience in life, but knowledge of physical process can help a person avoid it.

Sometimes people experience electric shock because of their shoes that contact with other materials. If you know which materials are bad conductors of electricity, you will solve your footwear problem. Bad conductors are wool and rubber. Choose shoes made of rubber or wear wool socks if you face this problem quite often. What else? Static electricity is less active when air is humid. Get more plants, buy a humidifier, and ventilate your apartment more often. This will help you avoid static electricity in your home.

Another term from physics that every person is familiar with is inertia. Inertia is described as the resistance of any object to any change in its state of motion. From school we know that objects tend to keep moving at constant speed in a straight line. This is why we prefer not to put valuable objects on the back seats of our cars because there is always a chance that we will need to rapidly slow down, and the valuable things will just keep moving, fall, and break.

We have lots of similar situations in our everyday life, and knowledge of physics is always extremely helpful. Certainly, we used physics as an example. We could keep talking about the use of biology and anatomy and mention that people educated in these subjects are capable of helping other people and even rescuing their lives, which is the most important thing in the world. Other subjects can be applied in practice and can turn out to be valuable too, and all these things we learn in school.

New Horizons

The beauty of education is that it lets people explore the world not leaving the classroom. When students choose only one direction, they have a great chance to become really good at a certain field of studies. However, this way they limit themselves. Eastern European model of education is brilliant because it gives everybody an opportunity to look at this world from different angles. Sometimes students do not feel like they will like algebra, but the more they learn about the subject the more enthusiastic they get about it and the more sense it starts to make. [Learn here all about education in Latin America]

In school students should not have any limitations. It is fantastic when they can choose subjects to their liking, but at the same time they lose a chance to try everything. They need it, however, to decide what they want to become when they grow up. They can think that they do not like a particular subject because they think it is too complicated, but once they try it they might find it exciting. Students (especially young learners) can never tell what class they really like or dislike if they do not try it. School can be very surprising, and one of the best feelings is to see how learners get engaged with the subject they are studying and how they start to understand it. Students should not be afraid of anything and should try to gain as much knowledge as possible.