UK Universities with the Best Rankings in 2017 Academic Year

UK Universities with the Best Rankings in 2017 Academic Year

Are you dreaming about obtaining a perfect higher education? Do you wish to be a highly demanded expert in any part of the world? Perhaps, you know that a lot depends on the university you study in. Thus, you should select the university of your future rather carefully. Read the tips on how to pick the university wisely.

These tips were created after the last university rankings. According to the results of the University League Table, Cambridge remains the most wanted and competitive university of the United Kingdom. In general, the country has shown amazing results by having four of its major universities on the top 10 list of the world’s best educational institutions. As for the top 20, six universities belong to the UK.

The rankings of each university were based on the:

  • Quality of teaching
  • Role of university in the global research activity
  • Buildings available for the local students
  • Available programs
  • Number of famous graduates
  • Career opportunities
  • University campus and other living conditions
  • Equipment and teaching tools
  • Staff-to-student ratios amount of international students

In the rankings provided below, every reader can feed up his curiosity by finding out which of the UK higher educational institutions have to be observed first of all.

Pick the Top University in the UK Based on Its Rankings

Each university appears in a reverse chronological order. If you are not sure in your admissions essay, try buying a custom solution online.

#9. The University of Glasgow

Being number 55 in the whole world, the university does everything possible to improve its rankings among other UK schools. It was discovered in 1451. It might be interesting that Albert Einstein used to conduct his first research ever in the buildings of this university. He was awarded a special honorary degree by this university located in Glasgow, Scotland.

#8. The University of Manchester

As a city, Manchester has obtained its high world’s rank thanks to two things: its famous football team and, of course, its university with the solid rankings and special teaching approach. No wonder that it reserved a 30th place in the world’s table. Not only famous alumni can attract student’s attention. The university is much more famous for its tutors such as Professor Brian Cox. If you are not aware of who this person is, you can search for more details by typing in presenter of Wonders of the Universe in your search engine. Thus, the premium quality of teaching has no doubts. We guess that everyone would agree that the rankings may also be high due to the large student population. Well, this university is proud for having the greatest student population in the entire county after two other big universities, including the University of London. People would not choose this university so actively in case it offered poor quality of education.

#7. The University of Bristol

The University hits 29th position in the world’s table. Students who are not doing well in high math would have low chances to enter as far as this subject is the core field here. Local course by entry standards is mathematics has attracted many potential mathematicians from all over the globe. Interesting fact: the average freshman manages to obtain 524 UCAS tariff points.

#6. The University of Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland is not just another magnificent city with beautiful sights. The rankings of its main university brought it to number 17 on the table. You will be surprised to find such a famous graduate as Gordon Brown, one of the UK Prime Ministers. According to numerous feedback, the university is perfect for realizing all political goals. The research showed that two more Prime Ministers, Lord Palmerston, and Lord John Russell, used to study here. The university also was a home for the 6-time Olympic golden medal winner Chris Hoy.

#5. King's College London (KCL)

A guide to achieving number 16 is the example of this university. The school from England has John Keats, Florence Nightingale and Desmond Tutu among its alumni. You might agree that famous movie directors often choose international universities with the highest rankings to show in their works. Does the name Harry Potter mean anything to you? No, Harry was not one of the local graduates or something. It’s just that the university responses to all standards of Hogwarts, so one of its rooms can be noticed in the motion pictures – it was used to reflect Dumbledore's office.

#4. Imperial College London

Another university with positive rankings from the main England’s city was reserved for the ninth place in the list of the global league. The school offers excellent research opportunities along with the links to the world’s top libraries and innovative centers.

#3. University College London (UCL)

UCL is number 5 in the global table. 71 schools from the country were included on the list of the QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017, so that is a great result. A good name of this university is supported by the fact such graduates as Alexander Bell and Ricky Gervais used to study here. Hundreds of years the local services offered the most quality education. The main campus is located in Bloomsbury.

#2. University of Oxford

The overall league table has provided this university with high rankings thanks to the excellent research opportunities, global teaching standards, perfect services for students living on its campus, and international population. The number of places in a famous Oxford is rather limited. Its locations were also widely used in Harry Potter films.

The University is perfect for students who would like to be related to the subject like philosophy, sociology, or economics. Prestigious, high-quality degree course can help every graduate to reach any business goals in the future.

The university is appreciated for the great range of activities. When you don’t need to study, you can enjoy different sports activities such as rowing, various cultural events, and attend interest clubs. These opportunities helped Oxford University to receive high rankings.

#1. University of Cambridge

No doubt, UK best university deserves these rankings and the second place in the league’s table. The acceptance rate was limited once again during last year – the competition became incredibly sharp. Also, the University is the leader among the schools with the most expensive student city. But those are the only disadvantages of the world’s known university. The University of Cambridge has better rankings than all other UK educational institutions according to the best results in all categories mentioned at the beginning of the article. It is one of the oldest teaching institutions of all time. A global university is tightly related to the business cluster ‘Silicon Fen.' 19,000+ students study here this year.

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