SAT Essay Tips: Efficient Ways to Improve Your Score

SAT Essay Tips: Efficient Ways to Improve Your Score

SAT score is something that can predetermine your further destiny. A high SAT score guarantees a place in the prestigious higher educational institution. Even if you dream of Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford, or another elite institution, you should check your strengths and weaknesses by taking SAT. It is especially crucial for English-speaking students.

From one hand, SAT essay is an optional assignment which you don’t necessarily have to take. Moreover, it is optional to display the scores obtained for this task. Below, we will talk about how to receive 8/8/8 on the SAT essay as well as steps every student has to take in order to gain a high score.

Key to Success

Let’s begin with the big secret to let you understand the meaning of this essay. On the whole, SAT essay does not look like a regular academic paper with a well-known structure – it is rather a puzzle. You have to use all of your skills to pass it with the highest score:

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Communication
  • Analytical

Besides, your logic should also be involved. At the same time, you don’t have to treat the things from the point of view of other people like famous scientists or authors – this time you need to interpret the same topic from various aspects including your own.

It is impossible to master the art of writing a SAT essay. At the same time, each student should realize that he or she has only 50 minutes to complete this lengthy assignment. It is not lengthy regarding size: moreover, you have to avoid wordiness. This is the first tip. But you should be ready to face many other challenges to get a high score.

There are ways to improve your final score by 160 points. But the most difficult part is that a student must possess excellent knowledge in many opposite disciplines. For instance, one has to be equally good at math and in English language and Literature. Writing a SAT is like combining humanitarian skills with the knowledge of precise sciences.

Methods Used to Increase Final Scores

The first hint mentioned above is to prevent your essay from wordiness. Each section of your essay should occupy no more than 20% of the project. The structure usually looks this way:

  • Introduction (with a thesis statement)
  • 1st body paragraph
  • 2nd body paragraph
  • 3rd body paragraph
  • Conclusion

Thus, each of the sections must take more than 20% of the entire essay. The overall length is 500-600 words. So, you are the one to make sure your SAT essay’s parts include no more than 100-150 words each. Besides, you should stay away from complex sentence structures. When you have a lot of text, a reader might soon forget what you mean. Focus only on the main ideas.

One of the perfect ways to achieve the best possible score is through attending a special program. One of the suggestions was posted by Harvard grads and SAT full scorers. By having such a valuable practice, every applicant would be able to cover personal gaps in knowledge through advanced statistics and self-analysis. You may even take sample SAT at courses like that – evaluate your score and discover your weaknesses afterward.

Stay Objective and Sincere

This Golden Rule is often ignored by the adolescents who wish to come up with impressive stories on their lives. They believe their life is too boring to reach success. In fact, it is crucial to know both your strong and weak sides to highlight each in a beneficial light. By the way, the program developed to maximize SAT scores helps to learn strengths and weaknesses of each student through various examinations and psychological tests.

It also allows customizing a program. The goal is to remain objective with your reasoning as far as ETS (the company responsible for creating SAT) has no interest in your subjective thoughts. The score depends on how objective you sound and how well you can support each statement with the valuable evidence. Avoid “I” and “you” just like you used to in your school and college papers.

Search for Professionals

It is possible to increase your chances of gaining higher SAT score by taking three easy steps.

  1. Go to the popular online writing service which specializes in developing college papers.
  2. Fill out the order form and pay for your custom essay
  3. Obtain an excellent SAT essay composed especially for you. You can use it now to increase your final score or for any other academic purposes.

Apply Admissions Tips

SAT essay has a lot in common with application essay. Well, instead of the score, applicants receive a right to study in the target institution as the maximum award for a good admissions essay.

However, the highest appreciation for the perfect SAT essay is your score. Still, in both cases, a student has to show how important education is and what he can do for the sake of academics using his unique skills.

Play with facts Only

To get the highest SAT score, the student has to play with statistics and credible data only. To do so, do not use secondary sources like surveys or polls to support your idea. It is better to turn to the primary sources as your information treasury. Apply sources that are no older than5 years old. Those could be books, textbooks, scientific magazines, official reports, academic journals, etc.

What Should You Spend Your Time On?

Allocate time properly. It is the most valuable resource you have, so try to spend it on the following things:

  • Reading before moving to any college writing an assignment.
  • Writing as much as you can (exclude any irrelevant information).
  • Always revising the entire text at least twice.
  • Ensuring you have effective transitions for a seamless college paper.
  • Pointing to the persuasive effect (the impact you have on the reader).
  • Asking questions (with the answers provide throughout the SAT essay).
  • If you have a registered online account at some related website, take the test to see your score. Scoring high even at the pre-test stage is a good sign.
  • Report any mistakes that you notice in your writing.
  • Compare your draft with the successful samples of SAT essays.

After trying each of these great preparation tips on practice, you will find it much easier to raise your SAT score and general academic performance. Just use this advice wisely and on time. Don’t forget about the opportunity to buy essay from online experts.