Find Out Useful Tips About Writing Rhetorical Analysis Essays

Find Out Useful Tips About Writing Rhetorical Analysis Essays

If you are a student, you have to write a lot. You might get many writing assignments of different types and complexity. And the rhetorical analysis essay is one of them. To be honest, it is one of the most complicated tasks. In order to succeed with it, you should write an extended essay based on the analytical work with the particular text and taking into consideration all writing and rhetorical devices and styles. You’ll have to prove that you conducted an attentive reading and detailed analysis of the text. Only in this way, you will be able to show the reader your understanding of the text, the main thesis, and your sophisticated analysis. So how to write a better essay?

Your text should contain details which help readers to understand what you have learned and what you try to tell them. When composing your essay, you can meet difficulties. Some students can ask for the help of professional writers. And they guarantee the result. But if you want to cope with this task by yourself, you can find some important and useful tips in this article. Don't miss them!

What Should You Do If You Have to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

In other words, rhetorical analysis essay is an explanation about how the author changed the minds of his readers. A well-designed text demonstrates writer's understanding of the main thesis as well as the interplay of the rhetorical triangle. What does it mean?

  • Author's purpose - you should be able to answer the question what does the author want to say;
  • Target audience - find out who is the targeted audience. It defines the methods and writing styles;
  • Effective strategy - when you know the purpose and the target audience, you will have an opportunity to determine the strategy which could be effective.

If you get an AP rhetorical analysis task, the instructor will give you a kind of complete argument from a text that was published. Obviously, the author of the text would have a purpose, objective and targeted audience. You should analyze them and give the explanation why the author of the text has chosen the particular strategies. You'll have to demonstrate your own understanding of the process.

Key Tips

  • Always begin with the Rhetorical Triangle. First of all, identify the purpose of the author. Then recognize the target audience of the text. And finally, determine the main strategies;
  • Determine the strategic intent of the author. The writer always has a particular purpose. And he chooses every writing method, every word detail precisely and carefully. Because they all matter. You should find out how the word and writing style choices affect the reader. Has the author achieved the goal?
  • Remember two main questions: "how?" and "why?". Both of them are quite important. Always think about what the author says and how he does it. In which way a word choice influences the audience's feelings?

Distinguish a structure

Proper structure is a big deal when it comes to writing assignments. And analysis essay is not an exception. Choose the right structure, and you will have an opportunity to express thoughts in a logical sequence and stick to one logical chain. It is important for the writing pieces which require a detailed analysis of other texts. When you are preparing a text, you have to write about writing. And without a strict and correct structure, there is a possibility of failure.

You'd better choose the classic structure of the text with five or six paragraphs, an introduction, and the conclusion. It will allow you to show all your writing skills and your studying of all the author's unique writing style, as well as devices and strategies which he used to persuade the reader and to get proper feedback.

An Introduction

It is the most important part of any writing assignment. Here are some tips how you can make it good:

  • Make sure that the reader understands that you are performing an analysis essay, but not another writing piece. In other ways the reader will estimate it incorrectly;
  • You should clearly give some background information if you feel that the audience may not be aware of it. Just provide some summary;
  • Give some basics of the whole situation. Name the author, his target audience, the main purpose and the thesis or context, etc.

Thesis Statements And The Focus Of The Essay

There are authors who have problems with main thesis statements when writing analysis essays. In order to avoid them, you should give your reader a more direct explanation and clearer statements.

Always narrow the focus on which your text will be based. Give an analytical treatment to the most interesting and complicated arguments and statements. Distinguish the purpose and analyze the main techniques which were used to achieve it. The thesis of the text must reflect its goal.

Texts always apply to arguments and techniques which are used for delivering statements to the reader. The main task if to find out how the author of the text transmit his thoughts to the reader and how he can get a result from the audience.

Body Paragraphs

The way of organizing the body paragraphs of the essay depends on the purpose, size, and genre of the text which is analyzed. There are several options for the organizational structure which you can apply when writing an essay.

Spatial organization structure

If you use this organizational order, you should explain the parts of the text as they can be seen on the page in the strict order. And you should tell about them one after another.

Chronological organization structure

It is another organization structure that can be used for writing a rhetorical analysis essay. It is the best, the most straight and understandable approach. It is known as quite effective. But be careful when using such chronological ordering if you are writing about the narrative text. You can meet some problems. If you focus on the chronological presentation of the arguments, it could easily lead you to tell the plot of the text which is not that you are actually expected to do.

Persuasive rhetorical arguments

You know that the classical arguments are ethos, pathos, and logos. They are based on different elements of the human's mind. So these arguments apply to the ethics, emotions and the logic. According to this division, the author of the text chooses the persuasive statements and builds the thesis.

The conclusion

The conclusion of the analysis essay should be clear and short. It is the final part of your writing. So you should make it eye-catching. You should show the result of your investigation, name the most important persuasive arguments and tell if they are correlated with the writing style, writing methods and strategies and the tone of the text. It's better to end your text with the final rhetorical appeal of the author. And don't forget to check your essay for mistakes!

As you can see the rhetorical analysis essay is not an easy task. After reading all the tips, you would cope with it. But you need to get some practice. If you have no opportunity to write such a complicated writing piece by yourself, you can ask for the help. Professional writers with great experience will ensure the high-quality of the essay, and you will not have to worry about anything.

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