Mastering a Research Paper Structure to Get Published One Day

Mastering a Research Paper Structure to Get Published One Day

The key to successful study is knowing how to structure a research paper. The problem is a research paper structure is more complex than the organization of a regular school essay. It has more sections. The formatting is more confusing.

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Learn How to Structure a Research Paper: Pre-Writing Tips

After deciding on the primary question, it is possible to start writing the paper. To make it short, the writer has to state the question and answer it logically. The primary research essay organization looks this way:

  1. Introduction
  2. Methodology
  3. Results & Discussion
  4. Conclusion
  5. References Page
  6. Appendix

It has nothing to do with an ordinary school essay. Every part should address a different purpose. The abbreviation for the essay’s sections is IMRAD, and, throughout the writing process, a student must mention:

  • The question he or she plans to address (it goes to Introduction)
  • Things to answer & explain in the Methodology part
  • Things explored in the Results part + interpretation of the findings in the Discussion part

A single part may cover more than one question. The opening paragraph is to deliver the rationale and background of the study. The main question is something the readers should not guess. Spell it out in the beginning (introduction) and explain how the community can benefit from studying the question in-depth. Experts do not recommend including a full-blown review of the literature as a prelude to the study.

What is the Structure of a Research Paper?

We have covered the basics. It is time to answer the main question of the article, “What is the structure of a research paper?” Look at the common organization of such assignment.

Research Paper Organization: Extra Elements

Once a student is done with the body, it does not mean there is nothing left to do. Consider few more sections of the study. They are not obligatory (except for the References Page). Ask the professor if you need them before including them:

  1. Table of Contents (like an outline, it represents the sections along with the page numbers, helping the reader to reach a particular section easily)
  2. Acknowledgments. This one goes before the abstract or at the end of the work.
  3. Appendices (if a writer inserts various visual elements like graphs, tables, and charts to help the audience understand the topic, he/she should describe such elements at the end of the essay).

What about structuring a research paper bibliography? The preferred style is APA - that is why most of the students and professionals use this format to develop a list of references. It is impossible to imagine an organization of a scientific research paper without a bibliography. It prevents the writer from plagiarism. The main goal is to acknowledge authors whose works a student used to cite personal project. A reference list allows the interested parties to find the related sources and use them in their investigations.

A structure of a good research essay written in APA has a References Page built in this way:

  • Book: Author, A. (Publishing Year). Title of book. Publisher City, State: Publisher.
  • Scientific article: Writer, A. (Year of Publication). Piece’s title. Periodical Title, Volume (Issue), pp.-pp.

How Should a Research Paper Be Structured?

Before concluding, we must add a few more words regarding the format. Many students struggle with in-text citations while working on their studies, and they can solve the problem by using either an online citation generator or academic writers. Some more tips on a structure of a research essay include:

  • Keep in mind some writing styles allow including footnotes in the context to provide quick references.
  • Table and figures are not a must, but teachers appreciate their usage.
  • In special cases, the paper format prohibits the writers from inserting visual elements into the main content. A writer may add them after the body.
  • Be ready that scientific journals apply peer review process to decide whether the particular study is worth publishing or not. Make sure the final paper meets the requirements.

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