Top 10 Leading Edge Nursing Programs

Top 10 Leading Edge Nursing Programs

Latest Ranking of Nursing business Schools proves the competence of this degree. Any successful nursing school includes the following skills in its programs:

  1. Leadership
  2. Management
  3. Healthcare
  4. Biology
  5. Marketing
  6. Law

So, as you can see, any field related to nursing involves many other responsible areas which you cannot ignore as a student of the nursing school.

Before describing the top schools according to the National Nursing School Rankings, we will explain the criteria for choosing the leaders. The experts have evaluated the following factors:

  • How heavily the local environment is structured (is there some free space for a part-time job or internship?)
  • Is the faculty of the selected nursing school deeply involved in the program and curriculum?
  • Is the affiliation with domestic hospitals and healthcare centers strong enough?
  • The amount of internship experience demanded by the target nursing school.
  • Current NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) pass rates.
  • Availability of study and practice resources.
  • The size of classes and laboratories.
  • Types of academic career counseling the nursing school offers.
  • Availability of tutors during the after-class
  • Nursing school’s job placement rate for graduates.

As you can see, the criteria for choosing the best medical school and program are very severe. Now, it’s about time to look at the most wanted nursing schools in the United States.

Leading Nursing Schools in America

John Hopkins University

If you want to get enrolled in a private institution with a strong medical background, John Hopkins will positively impress you. Here applicants can choose among several healthcare-related programs:

  • Gerontology & acute care
  • Family
  • Pediatric & primary care
  • Mental health
  • Administration

To become a great practitioner, one has to pay an application fee of $75 before the 1st of January. Tuition for the Master's program is full-time: $36,216 annually. Tuition for the DNP program is full-time: $36,530 annually. There are sixty faculty members working over there.

Columbia University

Wish to study nursing in New York? Another great school is considered the oldest university in entire Manhattan. It has a very powerful history and cultural influences. Once you finish, you’ll be able to earn no less than $65,000 per year.

The pre-Revolutionary War manner in which the construction is done looks rather cozy. Each class is well-equipped with the cutting-edge technology as far as we all know about the role of effective research and analysis in medicine.

The main issues of interest are:

  1. Human memory
  2. Handling cancer
  3. Economic theory

The staff consists of the distinguished writers, researchers, and brilliant surgeons.

University of Washington

Sometimes, there is nothing better than obtaining Doctor of Nursing Practice in the capital of the United States. The local nursing school is as ancient as times, and it has created many new exciting opportunities since its foundation.

Unlike the first leader on our list, this one is a public place. Thus, it is easier to get enrolled. Still, the application process is very rough. The application fee is a bit above average - $85, but the results are worth investing. The institution can boast 70 full-time employees. The enrollment rate is 396. In case you still don’t know how to apply successfully, go through various useful application guides. On the whole, the university is located in a picturesque place, not far from the main hospitals of the capital. It’s your chance to try a nursing mask on.

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is a great state for a living and continuing your education. Any applicant can hope to obtain baccalaureate, masters, and even Ph.D. in nursing one day.

In addition to the regular 4-year Bachelor degree, there are two extra years of higher education for those who wish to gain a title of registered nurse. This profession is paid higher than a healthcare assistant or young practitioner. A tuition per year plus all necessary fees equals to $45,890. As for the accelerated associate's program, it is worth $106,624.

At the same time, registered nurses find the workplace within just a couple of weeks after their graduation from this school. We can give 100% guarantee as some of the people we know used to study at this university. You will need to receive a license to work as a nurse in this state. The corresponding degree will help you with this process.

University of California

As you may guess, this giant is located in San Francisco. You’ll always be warm. The rate is rather high across the world due to the fact this public nursing school possesses a quite low application fee ($26,803), but the quality of education and degree courses do not suffer. 92 faculty members are ready to share their knowledge. In addition, there are several favorable options in the field of healthcare career:

  1. Adult/Gerontology
  2. Family care
  3. Psychiatric and mental health
  4. Child and primary care

After all, it’s always a chance to visit Los Angeles! Professional writers online will help you to pass the admissions process successfully if you are not sure in your writing skills.

Duke University

Durham welcomes all students willing to go on with their higher education in the field of medicine. You will find a lot of exciting programs, but nursing school deserves special attention.

Applicants are lucky to discover that this place serves as a medical center and nursing school at a time. Students can get valuable work experience without living their campus or missing important lectures!

Private research lab on the territory of Duke University guarantees unforgettable IT experience and computer skills necessary for successful investigations in the field of biology and anatomy.

Doctorate of Nursing Degree program is something this nursing school can be proud of. It attracts most of its applicants. Local hospitals require solid academic background and licensure to start cooperation, so consider this institution. Each graduate can expect a salary about $66,000 once getting the diploma.

Oregon Health and Science University

It looks like an amazing modern skyscraper with a lot of perspectives for your future. And it really is. The nursing school here is known all over the world for one of the leading research centers and labs. A nursing shortage in the state means lower competence, so it’s a great chance to join the field. GPA required for admission is a 3.89. Application essay also matters, so it’s just about time to order custom personal statement from online experts in order to increase your chances.

The first year in college will prove that this place hires only the most experienced staff to reward each student with one of these degrees in nursing:

  • Family Nurse Practitioner’s
  • Psychiatric/Mental Health
  • Anesthesia
  • Health Systems and Organization
  • Nursing Education

So far, a question of employment won’t bother you if you decide to join one of these nursing schools. Your school score is not that important – rely on your knowledge and application documents. As far as American community is always in the sharp need of professional nurses and other healthcare professionals, you’ll have a brilliant career in this field.