Movie Review Writing Guide - Essay Tips for Students

Movie Review Writing Guide - Essay Tips for Students
Table of Contents
  1. Movie Review Writing Guide - Essay Tips for Students
  2. How to write a film review: 3 ideas for your draft
  3. How to write a movie review and choose a topic: 6 critical components
  4. 1.Start with a title
  5. 2. Overview/Summary
  6. 3. Outline core characteristics of the movie
  7. 4. Go further - analyse secondary elements of your movie
  8. 5. Do not forget about the recommendation
  9. Movie review structure
  10. 1.Introduction
  11. 2.Main Body
  12. 3. Conclusion
  13. Pro tips for an outstanding movie review

As Statista.Com reports, the global box office revenue will increase from $38 billion in 2016 to approximately $50 billion in 2020, which is a positive prognosis for the international film industry. The United States is the third largest movie-making market in the world.

That is the way to start answering the question, “how to write a movie review.” Indeed, many academicians struggle with the same problem; they have no idea how to write top-quality essays, covering the topic. Our main goal is to show how to write good essays or reviews deserving the highest grade. So, get comfortable and have a look at our movie review writing guide!

The review or movie essay is the critical position of the author towards a particular issue based on his/her personal experience, skills, feelings, and ideas. The teachers of Arts class may ask to prepare such assignment — their students should know how to write a winning film review or an essay which is close to this topic.

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How to write a film review: 3 ideas for your draft

The diversity of college writing assignments impress: from simple descriptive or narrative essays to argumentative pieces and movie reviews. View free essay examples to discover different types. You’ll find out how to deal with essays in some detail. Indeed, essay writing requires time, efforts and knowledge of the subject area. Therefore, the use of essay samples as a basis for writing a review might be the best solution!

Writing a book report is more popular than composing a movie essay. Arts and other classes associated with cinematography are less popular than English language & literature. People who have a passion for essay writing may wonder how to write a movie review in a proper way. Journalists often search “how to write a critical film review” in their search engines to get inspired by the critical analysis of the famous authors and movie critics. This hack usually helps organize their thoughts and finally write a top-notch movie essay or review, covering the topic.

The primary thing to tell about movie essays is a draft. A compelling fact, shocking statistics, anecdote, or quote of a famous person may help the student to start his/her movie essay. A powerful hook sentence of the types mentioned is the best opening line in the introduction paragraph. Do not limit imagination when choosing a hook for your essays. It should reflect the overall impression of the movie. Was it great, horrible, or 50/50? Here are several good ideas on how to write a film review introduction. They might help you make a movie essay better:

  1. Compare the piece of art to a similar event or work in your essay. “The modern world is full of greedy and mean authorities who are ready to promise a better life through dooming people to become the sacrifices of their unfair games” (a nice way to compare anti-utopic “Hunger Games” to the existing world in your essay or review).
  2. How to write a movie review in a nutshell? “Despite an excellent story retold by the talented director James Cameron, the way young Leonardo DiCaprio portrays his character in “Titanic” leaves to wish better.”
  3. Provide some context or background details in your movie essay introduction.

Guinness World Records called Eyes Wide Shut the longest constant movie shoot, for over fifteen months.

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How to write a movie review and choose a topic: 6 critical components

One of the things to learn how to write movie reviews is the elements every critical analysis must include. Mind that the list we offer is just an example. This list of elements varies depending on the subject you study and specific instructions of tutors regarding essay writing.

1.Start with a title

First, it is a title, which is the first thing movie essays must have. A student may use a shorter version further in the text. The full name should appear at the beginning of the essays and on its cover/title page. Both pages and the headings must contain the full movie’s title. Do not let your target audience forget what you were reviewing in your essays!

Find how to title an essay of any type by this link.

2. Overview/Summary

Find a brief description of the selected movie’s plot to let the reader decide whether this review might be interesting based on his personal preferences. Remember, you are writing a critical analysis essay for people who have not watched it — avoid including spoilers in your text! Some people like them; most watchers hate spoilers and may refuse reading your essay. It does not matter if you describe a fiction/non-fiction or documentary — this golden rule works! 

3. Outline core characteristics of the movie

Imagine people have not seen the movie of your choice — include many details to describe the plot, characters, and lessons learned in your essay. Any movie reflects the person who somehow stands behind the plot development and what we see on the screen. It is a filmmaker/movie director. The world’s greatest movie directors are interesting to discuss. They know how to write a film review — they used to be students involved in similar fields of studies to yours. all this should definitely be mentioned in your movie essays. The reviewer may cover the following topics:

  • Is he/she a controversial figure?
  • Does the person like to shock people?
  • Is the director best known for a political stance?
  • What about his childhood, family, and personal life — things that could affect both the director’s development and his cinematographic career.

The more significant the director is, the more valuable is your movie. Consider all these aspects while writing a movie review.

4. Go further - analyse secondary elements of your movie

Relatedness to your subject and recent topic — explain how the movie or documentary of your choice impacts the topics covered in class or your preferred college major. It would be easy to explain how some of the world’s recognized movies are related to the specific episodes in history (e.g. “Schindler's List”, “Joan of Arc”, “Aguirre”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Troy”, “Alexander”, and “Gladiator”). That is a great idea to use in your movie essay!

You should also discuss which creative components assisted the director and his crew in establishing outstanding movies. Point to the role of creative elements in the plot development & character evolution. The elements you should express in an essay are:

  • Costumes
  • Decorations
  • Tones & Colors
  • Character Moods
  • Music
  • Visual Effects
  • Sound Effects
  • Camera Behavior

The last thing to discuss in movie essays is the level of actors performance. Try to stay objective: if you do not like or hate the actor/actress, it does not mean this person did his/her job bad another time. Mind this rule while writing a conclusion for a movie review.

5. Do not forget about the recommendation

Why do you believe the film is worth/not worth watching? Sound subjective if you wish; do not forget to include other opinions on this movie based on the objective criteria like the box office and official ratings. It is not enough to tell if you loved the movie or no: explain why. Support the arguments with the movie episodes or evidence from other sources.

Movie review structure

A basic movie review structure is similar to the basic structure of any essay. It consists of the introduction, the main body, the part of recommendation, and the conclusion. Here is a more detailed analysis of each of the aforementioned points.


 Each movie review paper should start with the clear introduction. It serves as a part that grabs readers’ attention, so it should be appealing. After reading the introductory part, the reader should be encouraged enough to have a desire to read further. That is why your introduction should:

  • interest the reader with a hook sentence
  •  contain a brief summary of a discussion movie 
  • highlight the main idea of your review
  • concise thesis statement that should base on the analysis
  • illustrate the message of the movie
  • a short summary of the chosen movie plot.

2.Main Body

 This part is devoted to the central idea and its analysis. Your review should be dedicated to the accomplishments and fails of the chosen movie. Moreover, you should alway add your own opinion regarding a particular fact or idea. Also, the perfect movie review should discuss:

  • genres (comedy, action, horror, thriller, drama, romance (about love) etc.)
  • soundtracks
  • actors (stars)
  • cinematography
  • acting
  • some dialogues from the movie
  • releases /collections streaming on some American online platforms, like Netflix (optional)

As a result, you should discuss all the core aspects of the film to support your own thoughts by the material taken from the movie.

Recommendation. This is a kind of a mandatory part of each movie review. 

The recommendation paragraph provides a reader  with the opportunity to check whether a particular film is worth money spending and time. 

3. Conclusion

 This is the final part of the movie review. In conclusion, the writer needs to:

  • restate the thesis
  • recommend /not recommend to watch the movie
  • provide a summary of the final thoughts and ideas.

Please mind that all the elements should not show up in the given order — those are our essay writing recommendations. Do you still hesitate how to write a film review? You might have realized how to write a movie essay, but it is difficult for some students to understand the ways they can arrange the review elements. Good essay writing skills require years of experience. If you want to get your essay written by experts, we know how to help you!

Pro tips for an outstanding movie review 

Our article of film movie review outlined the core useful tips that will help you create the brilliant movie review. Check the list below and make your professor really enjoy reading your paper. 

Choose an engaging topic
  1. Scroll news sites, Facebook, etc. to find out the latest human reviews regarding the rating of the film
  2. Do not skip watching the movie (at least once)
  3. Check star actors’ portfolios
  4. Consider your audience
  5. Express your opinions 
  6. Support your criticism
  7. Omit spoilers
  8. Reread the review several times
  9. Be ready to edit or even rewrite if needed

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