How to Write a Response Paper

How to Write a Response Paper
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write a Response Paper
  2. Response Paper Outline
  3. The Main Rules of Making a Strong Response Paper
  4. 1. Follow the plan
  5. 2. Create a bright introduction
  6. 3. Express your opinion to the audience
  7. 4. Feel free to use phrases below for your statement:
  8. 5. Edit your completed paper
  9. General Tips on Response Paper Format
  10. Get Professional Help from Response Writing Experts

In this paper, you should express your own opinion about something you have read. It is quite important to connect your reaction to the piece of literature with your own experience. Of course, for many people, this is not an easy job to do, and there are a lot of students who think about creating a good response essay without wasting a lot of time. In this guide, you will know the main secrets of making a successful paper. Follow simple tips and improve your writing skills!

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Response Paper Outline

When you need to write a response paper, you should get acquainted with peculiarities of this writing assignment, as it differs from the majority of classical essays.
  • Mention that piece you write about
  • Present its main points in a condensed form
  • Summarize the information
  • Add a strong thesis statement
Main Body
  • Your reaction to the work 1
  • Your reaction to the work 2
  • Your reaction to the work  3
  • restate your thesis statement
  • sum up the main arguments presented
  • give a general conclusion

The Main Rules of Making a Strong Response Paper

Follow the main steps that will help any student to create a great response essay fast and easily:

1. Follow the plan

When you are making a reaction paper, you have to write about your reaction to the film, music, a speech, a novel, a piece of art, a book, etc. It's important to place your impressions and your reaction. Here are the main points to complete your document successfully:

  • Read the writing piece or observe the piece of art;
  • Mark pages you liked or take notes about your first impressions;
  • Re-read your notes or marked pages;
  • Write your thoughts you got during the re-reading;
  • Formulate a thesis;
  • Create an outline for your writing;
  • Make your response essay.  

When you're outlining a document, we suggest imagining everything like you're watching a review of the movie. In this case, you will get the right direction for creating a good response paper that contains your thoughts mixed with assessments.

2. Create a bright introduction

When you already have written a detailed outline for the future essay, you have to create an effective introduction. Remember that people will continue reading your paper only if they're interested in it. You have the only chance to catch their attention from the first sentence. Please pay attention that you need to include the title of the work you're responding to and the author's name in the first sentence of your document. 

Do not make the introduction paragraph too long. Just several sentences are quite enough. Include a thesis statement in the last sentence to express your opinion to the readers. 

  • present the author and the work your are writing a response to
  • introduce its main points in a condensed forms
  • do not give to many details
  • analyze, do not just summarize
  • add a strong thesis statement that presents your opinion

3. Express your opinion to the audience

Don't feel shy to express your opinion! This is a response's paper main goal, and you can tell readers about your first impression and other feelings using the words "I believe" or "I feel". There are no "right" and "wrong" thoughts or opinions here. But try to keep a good balance between critiquing and discussing the work. Only in this case, you will create a successful and strong paper. When expressing your opinion, consider the following:

  • support your arguments with evidence
  • do not just retell the points, summarize and analyze
  • discuss whether the issue in question is relevant in the current world
  • discuss how the issue discussed is related to the topic discussed in class
  • did the work change your opinion regarding some issues
  • state whether you agree or disagree with the author
  • what feelings did the work induce in you
  • evaluate the relevance, content, and organization of the work

4. Feel free to use phrases below for your statement:

  • I liked
  • I didn't like
  • I was truly impressed by
  • I didn't get the idea of
  • I understand that the writer tried to
  • The music seemed very
  • The whole painting seems too
  • The author's idea was
  • As for my opinion
  • After reading, I felt
  • I mostly liked the part… because
  • The writer was very successful in
  • I think it's very impressive 

Please make sure you're making your comments in the paper only with good analysis and a full explanation of it to readers. You need to explain the way why you felt so, and what prompted your reaction. A big mistake is when you try to critique the work without showing your thoughts and feelings with certain examples and evidence. Remember that a good response paper requires describing your impression and reaction, and explaining which moments or things made you feel that way. 

5. Edit your completed paper

When you've finished your document, don't forget to revise it and correct mistakes. Take your time and polish your paper to make it look perfect. Use an online service to find grammar errors or ask your friend to edit your manuscript. It's an important step you shouldn't skip because if your document contains numerous mistakes, it means like all the time you've spent writing is useless.

General Tips on Response Paper Format

We have prepared a list of helpful tips that will make your response essay stand out.
  1. Do not just make it a summary of the work, analyze and give your opinion
  2. Make a research to learn the topic to make the existing opinions
  3. Make sure to express your personal opinion on the topic
  4. Focus only on one idea or subject per paragraph
  5. Mind that paragraphs should be balanced
  6. Do not repeat the same ideas several times
  7. Provide some in-text citations or direct quotes to support your opinion
  8. Do not introduce new ideas or arguments that contradict those in the body of your text
  9. Use proper english words for your responses
  10. Make sure you respond to the set questions
  11. Give a reader food for thought in the conclusion part

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