Useful pieces of advice on how to get used to life in US as an international student

Useful pieces of advice on how to get used to life in US as an international student

In case you found strength and skills to become an international student, you definitely know that it was not an easy task. In order to become one, incredible amount of paperwork has to be done along with attending many different interviews, let alone providing evidences of a great number of different test-scores or financial status. Being busy with all these matters can easily get you distracted from the main goal which is not only to study in the other country but also to collect crucial experience of being abroad and in close contact with other culture and people. This makes it very important to approach the process of gathering information of what you should expect and be prepared to while visiting United States as an international student as seriously as you can. We have made a thorough research on the topic and came out with these handy tips that proved to be rather effective.

Feeling like home – steps to undertake

The major thing to be prepared to is that the style of education within the United States is very different from the one you have used to in your home country. The thing is when the semester start in US educational facility, students are usually provided with a checklist or syllabus as they call it. This document resembles a studying program on each subject for the next semester and allows students to get familiar with types of assignments, such as tests, projects etc. Even though this list is not going to be complete (sometimes sudden quizzes and tests may take place), it is a rather handy tool in order to get yourself prepared in advance for the future assignments. Soon you will find out that almost every single professor has his or her own office hours. This time is essential for students and special for international ones because it gives them a chance to address professor with almost any questions and issues that students are concerned with. Should you as a student have even the smallest questions concerning assignments, term papers etc or in case one falls behind during an adjustment period, taking a well-though advice from the professor is always a correct decision and this is what these office hours exist for. Another important matter to solve is to prepare yourself both physically and mentally to live with a roommate. It is rather likely that you are going to share your dorm with a roommate. It would be both advantageous and convenient to become friends with your room neighbor. In order to maintain a fair relationship, you are going to need to establish some ground rules and follow them all the time in order for this arrangement to work out just great! It will also help you in your future job. Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you have absolutely no similar interests and habits with your roommate, however you don’t have to worry here, because this is a truly incredible opportunity for you to become familiar with a completely different person and maybe gain something useful out of this relationship rather than being disappointed and frustrated. In order to make this relationship more meaningful and enjoyable.

Here are some useful tips that may be very handy:

  • Take a small gift from your home to be able to break the awkward silence and start off new relationship with a right foot.
  • Be polite and flexible, do not start arguing about everything and try to be as conservative as possible.
  • Respect your roommate and his privacy. Try to treat the roommate the way you want to be treated yourself, this is going to work out great!

The next crucial thing about studying in US is to develop a correct and adequate reaction to different social situations. A simple example of common social situations here would be things like: dress code, common and cheerful greeting, etc. You will have to get used to the fact that small and simple items that you have never even noticed back in your own home country are going to get you thrown for a look in US, and this spices up the whole thing of adopting yourself to the lifestyle of another country. In order to cope successfully with every single of those challenges you need to remember one simple ground rule and it is to watch what others do and make sense out of it, developing the same behavioral skills in yourself and embracing the new experience with open arms.

The fourth major challenge for an international student is to adjust to new rules and places that new campus has to offer. There will be times when you just not going to know the way to your own classes, libraries, dining halls, gymnasiums and computer laboratories, getting yourself lost quiet often. This, however, should not disappoint or irritate it at all, because these re all common temporary difficulties that you can easily overcome. A good advice here would be to go and wonder for a little bit around the campus by yourself, memorizing all the classrooms and passages to get yourself familiar with the surroundings. This is also a good way to keep yourself awake because you probably are going to be rather exhausted upon arrival. A smart thing to do would also be to find a map of the campus and print it out for yourself, just in case.

Last but not the least issue is that you are probably not going to know anyone out there in the campus. It is very hard for many people to go and make friends, that is why you will have to overcome this fear of new relationships completely in order to gain a whole bunch of new friends. They will help and support you during your entire stay in the foreign country and are going to generate numerous pleasant memories for sure! Don’t be afraid of your English skills or habits that are far from being local, just make as many friends as you possible can, trust us – you won’t be disappointed!