Narrative Essay Topics: Share Your Experience or Story

Narrative Essay Topics: Share Your Experience or Story
Table of Contents
  1. Narrative Essay Topics: Share Your Experience or Story
  2. How to Choose a Good Narrative Essay Topic
  3. How to Create a Narrative Essay Step-By-Step?
  4. Excellent Ideas for Narrative Essay Writing
  5. Interesting narrative essay topics
  6. Childhood
  7. Relationship
  8. Morality
  9. Traveling
  10. Work
  11. Order a Custom Narrative Essay on Any Topic Online

Narrative essays are the papers students enjoy composing the most. They are personal stories. Writing narrative essays is your opportunity to tell your own story, share one of your memorable experiences with your audience. Coming up with narrative essay topics is a great experience. Don’t research themes or study subjects. Think of your life, remember one of the most important events that changed your life. Feel like you are writing your own book, sharing your personal story instead of explaining subjects you might not like or understand well.

All narrative essay topics are usually real personal stories whether you want to talk about your childhood, events that happened to you during studying at an elementary school or even university. A wide variety of subjects can include tales of one important day of your life, periods of time, people you met, or places you visited. Unlike in coursework or research papers, such essays are written from the first-person, the main character of your tale should be you. An author might include the third-person POV and use “he”, “she, “they” to add more details to a text. In this article, we will teach you how to become a good author, choose successful topics and will provide a list of topics to inspire you.

How to Choose a Good Narrative Essay Topic

If you want to choose a great topic but don't know how to do that, you may follow such steps to choose the topic if you were not assigned in in class:
  1. Brainstorm. Write down all the topics that come to your mind
  2. Search on the Internet. Try to find interesting ideas for topics online to get inspired and write them down
  3. Choose 5-10 topics from the whole list. From all the topics you have written down choose 5-10
  4. Make preliminary research on the topics to check whether there available information to support your claims
  5. Choose one topic. If the topic is too broad, you can discuss only some of its aspects or problems
  6. Choose your perspective. To make your writing unique, check the existing topics and choose your unique perspective. 

How to Create a Narrative Essay Step-By-Step?

Narrative essays should be written from the authors’ point of view and mainly in the past tense. Such an assignment does not have specific rules, still you should keep to the basic essay structure. If you are looking for some guides to learn how to write a perfect narrative essay, check our recommendations:
1. Check the assignment instructions and whether you understand them. Before writing check the requirement to the content and format. It is important, as the wrong essay or project might earn you an F as the professor will not be able to assess the skills you learned,
2. Choose a good topic. This step is important, as students usually write better essays about things that are interesting for them.
3. Make a research. Make a research on the chosen topic to find the existing information and facts and check some essays for your inspiration.
4. Create a thesis statement and an outline. Thesis statement expresses the main idea of your essay; thus, it is logical to formulate the main idea and list all the main arguments, which will form an outline for your essay.
5. Draft your essay. Now that you have got a plan, it's time to draft your paper. A narrative essay structure is classical:

  • introduction  (make sure to place a strong thesis statement in the end of the paragraph)
  • body paragraphs (at least 3)
  • conclusion
6. Add examples, evidence, and in-text citations. Do not forget to add in-text citations to your essay if you have borrowed some ideas to avoid plagiarism. Also, make sure to add examples for better understanding and evidence to support your arguments.
7. Check whether you have followed the essay prompt.  Mind checking whether your essay complies with the set task.
8. Proofread your paper for mistakes and check for plagiarism. Careless typos can spoil the impression about any essay, thus double-check your paper

A narrative essay should include the main idea which you want to convey to your readers. Like all professional papers, narrative essays should have evidence. You don't have to search for them on the web. Dive into your memories and provide your own evidence to interest your audience.

In articles, authors should describe places, people, time of the year and day to make their stories flow. Use descriptive words to express what you feel during certain moments. Family stories, study and work success stories are the most interesting because readers can find out more about authors and their lives. Provide sensory details from the beginning of your article. Grab the audience’s attention from the first sentence and keep them entertained until the last word.

Review the successful examples of narratives on the Internet. Read templates written by university students, learn to create an account of connected events. Follow the outline to keep a logical order of all events you want to tell in your article. Add some spice to make your tale stand out. These can be unexpected characters, events which turn the story around, good jokes to make your readers laugh.

Excellent Ideas for Narrative Essay Writing

Don't know how to start creating your academic paper? We have gathered the list of topics by subjects and want to show you some attention-grabbing titles for your essays. Review the list of headings below, choose the one you can relate your personal experience to:

a girl working on a laptop

Interesting narrative essay topics

  • A day you would like to live once again
  • A person or event that has changed your life
  • Thought that come to you mind when you hear the word happiness (or love, family, freedom, etc.)
  • Things you do not dare to do/say
  • The scariest/happiest/sadness day of your life
  • What events or deeds of your life you would change?
  • A bad deed that you do not regret doing
  • Things you do when staying home alone
  • What year you would like to be born in
  • Your role model
  • Describe life you would like to live
  • The best/worst day in your life: what would you change?


  • Who did you dream to become when you were a kid?
  • What was your favorite game to play? Why?
  • Was it easy for you to make friends?
  • What event made you feel embarrassed as a kid?
  • What lessons from your family helped you in life?
  • What character from the book, cartoon, film did you want to be like in your childhood?
  • What moment from your early years would you like to return to if you could?
  • What was the best gift you received in your childhood?


  • Who can you trust your problems and secrets? Why?
  • How do you overcome arguments and misunderstanding with friends?
  • What did you learn from arguing with your parents?
  • How did you meet your soulmate?
  • What difficulties did you have to overcome with your best friend?
  • What is your advice for young girls, boys who have just started dating?
  • Do you forgive lies in a relationship?
  • Is dating old-fashioned?


  • What was your first morality lesson? What did you learn from it?
  • What difficult decision did you have to make and do you feel proud of yourself?
  • What are your moral values? How do they help you in the daily routine?
  • What modern society behaviors you don’t agree with?
  • Have you ever experienced racial discrimination?
  • How to get a dream job without breaking the rules of ethics?
  • What is your personal purpose of existence?
  • How do your values differ from the values of your ancestors?


  • What was your most unforgettable journey?
  • What type of transport do you use for traveling?
  • What is your dream city to visit and why?
  • Have you ever traveled alone to a different country?
  • What are the three main tips for solo travelers?
  • How does traveling change our outlook on life?
  • Does discovering a foreign culture and traditions makes you admire your family?
  • Have you ever got lost in a new city and what were your actions?


  • What was your first day at work?
  • What type of work would you like to do after graduation?
  • What is more important: getting a high salary or doing the job you love?
  • How can friendly relationships affect professional relationships at work?
  • Is it necessary to obtain degrees in disciplines that are related to dream jobs?
  • Does a Ph.D. degree guarantee a good job position?
  • Would you like to change a career at least once in your life?
  • What factors are necessary for your job satisfaction?

These are great examples of the topics which you might use for your narrative essay. Choose the topic that relates to your personal experience. Think of the experience which was the most challenging or monumental.

Order a Custom Narrative Essay on Any Topic Online

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