Feel yourself at home in your new campus while being a freshman international student

Feel yourself at home in your new campus while being a freshman international student

Imagine a situation that you have securely got to your campus residence hall, managed to completely unpack your trunk, got acquainted with your hall advisor and even looked through several booklets graciously taken from the front desk, so what you are going to do right now? Considering that you are an international student, you have probably arrived to the campus much earlier than other students, making it tough to find someone to talk to and consider become friends with. However, this might actually be an ideal opportunity to settle in. We encourage you to take through these crucial advices on how start your new educational career abroad, they might be more valuable than you think.

1. Residence hall that you occupy

Start from the most basic things, look through your residence hall and make yourself comfortable with it by memorizing each and every exit, along with public restrooms, kitchen and laundry room. Don’t forget about the computer labs because even though you have got your own computer, they might be very handy once in a while in case something happened to your computer or it has been passed on for repairmen. Essentially, you need to discover all communal areas to be able to access and find them easily anytime. But first of all, you have got to check in and make sure that you are aware of the time that front desk manager closes the door. A very important thing is to know the rules that you have to follow in case you lost your key and it is already too late and the door is closed. Write down your mailing address and discover when mail arrives to the campus every other day. It would also be rather useful to know about various items that they can offer for rent (different board games, cooking utensils and cleaning supplies), campus maps can also be rather handy.

2. Commons and the Student Union

After you have successfully explored and memorized the main residence hall, the next step would be to go for a college campus. The first and major place to start with is the student union, which is also often referred to as student commons. Student union is the place where students gather up to chat and rest in the breaks between classes. These facilities are often packed with small restaurants and coffee shops, different sofas and big bags, and all sorts of entertainment utensils, such as workout facilities, billiard tables and even movie theaters. Explore, how much entertainment and relaxation in the breaks between exhausting classes can offer your particular student union. It will be especially useful for your near graduation period

3. The Bookshop

Your very next stop should by no means be the bookshop. This may seem as an extremely boring place to visit, as a matter of fact, you don’t even know for now what books you are going to require for your classes. Nevertheless, the bookshop has much more interesting stuff to offer than books. Usually campus bookshops have to offer a huge variety of things that you will need during your studying process like: clothes with the logo of your college, pencils, pens and notebooks, and even all sorts of souvenirs such as mugs and keychains. A very important thing to know about these bookshops is that lake any other shops, they also have sales throughout the entire academic year, so you might don’t want to purchase everything you need at once and wait till the sale is on, this might save you quite a lot of money.

3. Health Care Center for Students

In case you have gotten yourself in trouble and got injured, or simply got sick, you will have to go ahead and visit the student health center (except for a huge emergency that requires a call of the ambulance). Thee medical facilities offer medical treatment for students that is free or offered with huge discounts. In case an emergency strikes, you have to know where this medical facility is located.

4. The Library

If you happen to have a very noisy roommate, huge amount of academic projects or simply like reading very much, it will be beneficial for you to know the location of the library. Find a library and absolutely take an excursion around, familiarizing yourself with free of charge resources and services that it has to offer, including books, CDs and DVDs and of course a computer class. Often libraries offer students quiet classes for studying that you can rent, paying by the hour. It would be a wise decision to book one of these rooms for your finals week to make sure that you do your best and maintain highest concentration at all times while preparing to final exams and test.

5. The Gym

Gym membership is usually included in your dorm rent fees. This allows you to attend gym free of charge anytime you want. Campus gyms usually consist of a track, a pool, a basketball and tennis courts, and of course free weights and weight machines. Locate the nearest gym and get your membership ASAP in order to keep yourself fit at all times.

6. The Writing Center

In case English is not your native language, a writing center that is located inside your campus is going to become your number one helper around the entire year. People there will take your papers for proofreading, providing you with drastically improved versions of your own assignments, for example - term paper. Not all campuses have working writing centers, however if your campus has one, it should be absolutely free to use.

7. Know the location of your Class Rooms

It is rather important to know exactly where your classes are going to take place beforehand. You will also have to remember that room assignments tend to change frequently, making it an absolute necessity to check and double-check your room assignment as frequently as possible in order not to get late on your very first class.

Finally, after preparing thoroughly to the beginning of a new academic year, you can feel yourself completely prepared for new educational achievements that await you!