Top 6 Practical Tips that Help You Write Better Essays

Top 6 Practical Tips that Help You Write Better Essays

The pen alone is not enough to make a talented essay writer. It is important to get inspired in order to write a good paper. But even the best idea is not all you need. We recommend you to read and use hints aimed to make your paper look better. It is just as easy as ABC. You have to stick to the generally accepted structure:

  • Title page
  • Introduction
  • 2-3 body paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • Reference page

You have to use some of these essay elements only when a specific format is required. E.g., there is no need to prepare an abstract in MLA style. Also, a good MLA paper does not require title or cover page. Well, it is complicated to get the better structure and the main idea from the first time, so check and try these effective tips below.

Read other people’s examples to get some help

You might get stuck with the particular sentence or introduction without having the best essay sample in front of you. Clear “A”-level essay will help you to understand the specific topic, general structure, or any other thing related to a writing activity. Use online samples for example of a climat change essay, to develop your unique approach to writing academic assignments. An excellent example may also offer you a better idea. Follow any student with satisfying performance to improve your writing skills. Change some approaches to writing an essay. It may be original word usage or specific sentence order. In any case, the information you provide should appear in a clear and logical manner. Your essay shouldn’t look as the copy of one’s work.

Look for valuable information elsewhere

To do so, read articles on different disciplines. Use bullet point style list – it will serve as the primary source to get inspired. Try to read more than one article on the particular topic to get a better picture of the problem subject. A good source is the newspapers. Check magazines as well. Every article and every sentence may serve as a fresh idea for your further essay or research. Besides, professional writers can help you to understand how to write an engaging essay or article.

Use any word by enriching vocabulary

Become a ‘word a day’ email subscriber. Write down the most attractive topic or idea from your e-mail in a bullet point list. Refer to a dictionary whenever you don’t know a word. Look for various literature pieces to learn new information and use it properly. Use a thesaurus. We often repeat words in our essays. To avoid this mistake, look for a better option. Learn the history of word formation. Prefixes, suffixes and roots may improve and diversify your language. Use them too.

Write ‘Elevator Pitch’ style summary

It would look like an overview of your essay. Tell people around about your topic to see their reaction. You will understand which idea is worth describing and what you need to avoid. Write pros and cons of your chosen point. Use arguments. You don’t want to make it longer than an introduction or any other separate paragraph. Explain why your idea is better than others like you have to sell it.

Manage tone of voice

Avoid sophisticated sentence structures. Make every paragraph, especially the introduction and the conclusion, easy to read. Write the story in a way that reader may want to read it by utilizing a variety of interesting syntax. Read your old essay and pay attention to each sentence. Make in-depth analysis. Is its structure okay? What is the most important thing you like about it? Yes, you can recall how to write a good essay from your own “A” graded work. Use its better sides.

Use online tools to revise The first step is to write your essay, but it may fail without proper revision. That is a good reason to check every paragraph and reference page. Focus on introduction and conclusion. You may improve the text easily: use online grammar and plagiarism check software. Look for any mistake carefully: you can still come up with a better written essay when proofreading and editing each sentence and overall structure.