Guide to Choosing College Majors

Guide to Choosing College Majors

Are you interested in picking just the right college major? Biologists, linguists, system administrators, human resource managers… There are so many jobs around that any student can get lost even if he or she is pretty sure in career choice. Don’t be fooled by the advice of your peers – analyze trends with your own brands. You can also retrieve valuable information on incomes and overall employment situation from articles like this one and official statistics.

First of all, if you’re a college major, you have already made half the way through. The point is that English remains the only international language despite most of the population speak Chinese and Indian (but only the population of Asian countries matters).

Well, you or your parents will have to invest more than $30,000 in your higher education. That's a big moey. But are those years spent in college worth of this money? You won’t earn less than the cost your family has invested. We guarantee this to you. Surely, you can receive some financial aid by applying for scholarships or find sources of earning money when in college. You should search for collges that offers such help. Now, let’s move to the degrees and useful tips we have prepared to assist students in building their careers.

If you have no idea what a major is, you can always find the most accurate explanation here. Now, our main goal is to share recommendations that would help you with your final career choice. Make sure you start using these tips at your high school.

Increasingly Popular Degrees in 2020s

In case you are unsure in choosing your college major, look through this least of undergraduate and graduate degrees. It will help you to settle down with your studies. These are the top 10 professional fields that are highly likely to be trending in 2020 :
  1. Accounting
  2. Advertising
  3. Civil engineering
  4. Computer and information sciences
  5. Construction
  6. Landscape and architecture design
  7. Language interpretation
  8. Legal services
  9. Nursing and medical field
  10. Social work

How to Pick the Right College Major

#1. Don’t underestimate the impact of your high school

It is true that employment rates have greatly fallen after the world’s lockdown in spring 2020. But, you should not lose your hope, instead of getting desperate, ample to try a diverse package of classes during your initial year of high school before making a decision regarding an area of education you would love to take part in.

Right, many people ignore the significance of high school. College degree is nothing that has nothing to do with your school scores. You could be weak at Higher Math. At the same time, Statistics and Accounting are something you enjoy and can cope with at Business administration level. It all depends on the student’s desire, so the only obvious thing is to listen to your heart. Don’t let other people decide for you. It is said that your true dreams come to your mind when you’re about 17-18. Don’t miss your chance – pay attention to what and how you feel like a freshman. The best way to choose your major is the last two years at the school. The best period to succeed with your major is the first and second year at your college.

#2 Answer the important questions

When choosing a college major, you should ask yourself simple but important questions. The answers might bring you back to the earth.

  • Will you still like what you do in about 5-10 years?
  • Will it be paying off?
  • Will this work be still in relevant after you graduate?
  • Will you easily find a job with this qualification?
You can make up a list of similar general and more specific questions and answer them honestly. It will be a kind of a quiz to choose a major.

#3. The role of your major

Students aim to obtain at least one college major for several good reasons. They are:

  1. Higher salary
  2. Guaranteed social benefits
  3. More opportunities
  4. Greater knowledge and skills
  5. Respect

At the official website of the US Department of Labour, you may find curious statistics on campus life, careers, and years spent in college majors. It might be interesting to learn that the average 20% changes their workplaces at least once in 3 years. As for the career areas, the average individual switches them almost 3 times in a lifetime. You can also make your own research and explore the world rankings to choose the field you like.

One has to be really careful when deciding on a college major as this major can predetermine the lifetime career. All you actually need after gaining the major you need is a set of useful courses. Pick the most related subjects and earn some professional skills. Congratulations! You are ready to take on the job!

#4. Curiosity is not a bad trait anymore

It was proved by the Wake Forest University that students and parents should both take equal part in exploring further opportunities provided by higher education.

One should consider his or her interests before making a final and most responsible decision in the entire life. Many public and private schools have a range of tools and special computer software to help students to define their future careers and roles in society. You should not waste such opportunities. Just share what you love, and see what subjects will assist you in achieving your career goals.

#5. Use resources wisely

In other words, don’t spend too much money on the degree you really don’t like if your parents are about to invest in computer science while your passion and main interest is art, try o persuade them they are wrong. Don't waste your time on unnecessary learning process. You may also start a new life once getting enrolled into the college major of your dream. Be sure that your family will forgive you no matter which degree you choose.

#7. Pick your major based on your interests, abilities, and values

It is one of the most common advice, but please do not ignore it. It is important to choose a major that you like and have interest in. If you have chosen you major because you had to, you will have little desire to developing this field and might even feel depressed some time after doing what you don't like. For example, if you have passion for design but work as software developer, you are highly unlikely to make a break through in programs development.

#8. Use career opportunities wisely

No matter what your college major is you should state your skills objectively. You should have already found the relation between your opportunities and college program of your choice. In case you pick liberal arts, don’t try to play with finances or chemistry no one says that you won’t succeed in these fields, but you have higher chances to lose to your more experienced rivals.

Hire professional online experts who will prepare a winning personal statement or resume for you. Then, all is left is to persuade your recruiters you’re the best candidate once you’re invited to the interview. Be ready to discuss your selected college major.

Exceptions and Other Warnings Concerning Preferred College Major

Medical degree, as well as business associated degrees, would need your decision ASAP. There is a high competition. In addition, these careers are too much responsible. Mind that both positions will require you to save the community from physical and mental problems. A major in law can also be added to this category.

Brand new additions to the MCAT will only exacerbate the need to plan out college premed classes well in advance. It has to do with all American and British higher educational colleges and majors. Healthcare professionals (students) are often forced to make decisions before, or immediately after, beginning their college education. It is caused by the fact that medicine has a great impact towards human life. You can be even accused of one’s death if you don’t apply your degree in a right manner.

Don’t let anyone decide on your college major under pressure. That’s just another song of “Queen,” and the only word that suits all graduates and high school students is “will.” Even if you decide to study a completely different degree from the area you was loyal to during your high school years, order an efficient application essay for college from the experts today and start your brilliant career based on our interest 4-5 years later.