The List of 15 College Graduation Gifts That Will Make Any Student Happy

The List of 15 College Graduation Gifts That Will Make Any Student Happy
Table of Contents
  1. The List of 15 College Graduation Gifts That Will Make Any Student Happy
  2. 1. A Flask for Liquids (well, you know what we mean)
  3. 2. Quarters
  4. 3. A Blanket
  5. 4. Aspirin
  6. 5. A Plant
  7. 6. A Public Transport Card with Unlimited Number of Rides
  8. 7. Something to Calm Down
  9. 8. Any Gift Card.
  10. 9. A Book
  11. 10. A Big Coffee Cup
  12. 11. A Tear-Away Calendar
  13. 12. A Globe or Map
  14. 13. A Tabletop Game
  15. 14. A Business Card Holder.
  16. 15. A Blazer or Jacket

There are lots of interesting things you can get for your graduating friend as a gift. But try to buy something really useful not just interesting and fun. No it is the time for your friend to become an adult after college life and useful things are exactly what they need. Check the list of college graduation gifts created by our writing students who once were students and graduates too.

1. A Flask for Liquids (well, you know what we mean)

This is over! You graduated! It is time to drink and sure we mean alcohol. It is time to party and when you are not ion a party, a flask will remind you of it and let you to keep a proper condition all the time.

2. Quarters

Lots of students go to a big city after graduation and leaving their campuses to get themself a job. Not all units have washers and dryers so a pack of quarters will be more than useful for a young student. Do not underestimate such a gift as money are always the best present to a student even if it is a whole bunch of quarters.

3. A Blanket

There might be some blankets in your new room, but what can be better than your own warm and full of home memories blanket. It even smells like home! Of course till your first party when someone will pour some beer on it. Or even worse. Well, anything can happen, you are an adult now.

4. Aspirin

Well, the art of drinking is hard but the art of dealing with hangover is even harder. Get some packs of aspirin to start with and then invent your own formula of getting out of a hangover if you have not yet. Be sure this skill is important, especially on the day of your exam. Partying is great but it is time to get yourself a job. Get them a pack of Aspirin.

5. A Plant

In case someone do not consider plants and flowers useful, we should say that they are wrong. Like totally. Plants make us feel cozier and more fresh. There is a big chance you will forget to water it on time but at least some time you will have a nice green friend in your room.

6. A Public Transport Card with Unlimited Number of Rides

Now when you are in a big city you will find out how to use a public transport. Every day you will take a bus or metro to go to work and meetings. Unlimited card for public transport is a great and highly-appreciated gift for any yesterday student. Even if they do not realize it yet.

7. Something to Calm Down

There are tons of stress for a student. This condition of a body and mind will remain for a long time. Exams then a life of an adult can bring anyone to an anxiety attack. That is why you can get something for your friend to calm them down in a tough moment. It can be some medicine, favorite alcohol or even an organic balsam with natural oils.

8. Any Gift Card.

There are lots of great gift cards that can be useful for a graduate. You make a college graduation gift with a card from a restaurant or mall. Any card to buy something cheaper or to entertain a student after graduation will be more than great.

9. A Book

If your friend does not love to read, well, they should start loving books as soon as possible. In case there are no money to visit something after work or to go to the bar on a weekend, the best thing to entertain yourself and to learn something at the same time is a book. Get something interesting and wise. Until there are no experience as an adult, your friend can get learn lots of useful information from literature.

10. A Big Coffee Cup

Coffee is your long time friend already. But now you are not a student but an adult. Actually, a young adult with probably a bad job you should get up early for. Well, a big cup of coffee will wake you up and sometimes even feed.

11. A Tear-Away Calendar

There are lots of options here. You can buy some cool calendar or even make it by yourself using photos of a person, as example. It is a real friend, especially to those people who always miss deadlines and just do not remember dates.

12. A Globe or Map

If your friend loves traveling, the best way to support them and to encourage is to buy a world map or even a globe. It is a great thing to mark the places the person had visited or planned trips. Also, it is a great thing to think how to make this college graduation gift more personal. There are lots of sellers, on Etsy, as an example, which can make it absolutely personalized. A great gift for an international student.

13. A Tabletop Game

No matter with whom the person will play it after their graduation. It is great to spend time with old friends and to make some new ones at the same time. Get something that is interesting for a yesterday college student. The variation of tabletop games these days impresses.

14. A Business Card Holder.

Even if there are not too many cards for your friend, do not worry, this time will come sooner or later. Card holder is a perfect place to hold business cards if there are lots of them and to hold money and credit cards too.

15. A Blazer or Jacket

Think about something not too fancy but diverse style friendly. A nice blazer or jacket will be a perfect thing to wear both for men and women, both on a job interview or a Friday meeting with friends.