College Essays That Worked: How It Can Help You Become a Stellar Essay Writer

College Essays That Worked: How It Can Help You Become a Stellar Essay Writer

Writing a winning college admission essay, which is also called a personal statement, is not everyone’s cup of tea. A personal statement can make or break your chances of getting admission in an educational establishment. So, it’s extremely important for you to be sure that you’ll be able to do justice with your application essay.

If you have any doubt in mind or struggling to write an efficient one, you can always seek guidance from the personal statement examples that have been accepted or worked with the institutions before. Besides this, seeking help from expert essay writing professionals is also a good option. If you are looking for such services, you can always trust us, our team of expert writers and proofreaders can help you write an essay which can grab the attention of the admissions committee in a clap. 

What is the admission committee looking for in your admission essay?

While writing a personal statement, ensure that you write in an authoritative tone to give a glimpse of your life to the admission committee. You can always do some self-analysis and look into ways that can impress them. When it comes to the ‘Why this college’ essays that worked, you better take a look at the ones for the University of Pennsylvania (or simply UPenn). It is the best way to learn and write a proficient essay because UPenn is considered one of the most renowned educational establishments in the whole world. Also, securing admission in this Ivy League university is a tough nut to crack. 

Writing a winning essay is not always about selecting the right topic, but how it is written also makes a great impact. The admission officers are always looking forward to learning something about you so that they can decide how you can contribute towards a specific program you opted for. An essay is a way to judge your personality, intellectual, interests, and everything about you. 

College essay examples: How to write your personal statement 

Outlined below are some of the college essay example prompts which can help you get started: 

  • If you are one of the students who feel that you have an extraordinary talent or an identity that is so evocative that your application essay would look incomplete without it, then be expressive about yourself. 
  • Describe one problem which you want to solve or have already solved. How did you come with this idea and what was the result? 
  • Discuss an event in your life which you have accomplished successfully and how it helped you in your personal growth. 
  • Write an essay on any topic of your choice and explain how it pertains to the college program you have applied to. 

Let’s check out some of the essay examples of some reputed institutes which have worked for other students: 

UC essay examples

The University of California, better known as UC, is one of the reputed educational institutions in the USA, established in 1868. Remember that your college application will remain incomplete until and unless you submit a personal statement. Outlined below are some topic examples: 

  • Describe in detail about things you have done to make the world a better place to live. 
  • Have you utilized the intellectuals you learned from one of your favorite academic subjects to solve a problem in the real world?
  • Discuss in detail about one of your creative sides and how it can make you different from other applicants. 

Supplemental essay examples of UPenn

The University of Pennsylvania doesn’t need any introduction, and every year on average, only 8-10% of applicants get selected. The admission process is stringent, and you’ll need to write an essay of around 400-650 words. You can check some of the best essay topics below: 

  • Why are you applying for the ‘Digital Media Design’ program at UPenn?
  • Describe how the ‘Management and Technology’ program at UPenn can help you discover your liking for business. Also, express how your leadership skills and creativity helped you solve a problem. 
  • Describe how the internet has changed the world. Explain in detail with the help of a suitable example. 

How to write a winning essay?

The common features which can help you make your college application essay expressive are outlined below: 

  • Make a clear and concise plan before you start.
  • Describe the topic in brief and then expand.
  • Describe your abilities and interests through storytelling.
  • Write a killer introduction to hook the readers.
  • Write in an expressive tone.
  • Conclude with a bang.
  • Proofread your essay multiple times before you submit.

Professional essay writers at your service 

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