Useful Hints on How to Write a Classification Essay

Useful Hints on How to Write a Classification Essay

Students often find it difficult to understand how to write a classification essay because categorizing information, people, or subjects based on specific properties isn’t an easy task. Unless you’re doing well in stats, you won’t find it hard to analyze data, conduct your research, and group information into certain types or categories. What is a classification essay? To earn good grades, find an answer to this question.

What is a classification essay

Before you start writing a classification essay, the first point is to understand what a classification essay is. A classification essay, also referred to as classification and division, is a type of academic writing that presupposes grouping some notions, ideas, concepts, etc. based on similar characteristics.  It’s a homework or in-class academic assignment written to categorize different characters, subjects, and points that have common traits into specific classes. You may find this paper challenging for many reasons. The example is the orders that customers make in modern online stores (categorize them as completed, incoming, in-process, and delivered).

Purpose of classification essay

All the academic assignments can be categorized based on their goal. The purpose of a classification essay is to logically divide the subject into smaller groups showing their distinction from other groups and provide examples. 

Classification essay outline

If you have no hint on how to start a classification essay, start with creating its detailed and helpful outline and write a catchy title. That’s because a classification essay outline will simplify the entire process. Consider effective ways to structure your text and choose the best option to organize your ideas to deliver the main message to the targeted audience successfully.

Write down the main ideas. Seeing an overall picture will allow you to break down your paper into parts logically. Delete useless or unnecessary points. Feel free to structure this assignment spatially, chronologically, or by importance.

Classification essay outline sample

Below you can see a classical example of a classification essay

1. Introduction

  • introduce the topic (what will be classified) and provide background information
  • specify the purpose of the essay
  • add a strong, clear, and specific thesis statement

2. Main body

  • explain the category peculiarities
  • specify its strength and weaknesses
  • provide examples for better understanding
  • introduce one category/class per paragraph

3. Conclusion

  • restate the thesis statement
  • summarize the main points of the essay (analyze, do not repeat or copy-paste)
  • provide a general conclusion for your essay

How to write a classification essay?

If you need to write a classification essay but do not know how to do it, the following sections will tell you more about how to write a classification essay and receive high grades.

1. Choose the topic

The first step in writing any type of essay is choosing the topic. Pick a topic that is interesting for you as well as relevant. If you write about something you have no interest for or are not well versed in, you will have less motivation.

2. Make a research

When you know what you will write about, make a research on that topic. Check the existing research on the topic as well as classifications. You can also check whether there is a gap in knowledge that will help you create your own classification.

3. Create an outline

Many students skip this part, considering it is a waste of time. However, outlines are usually helpful. They serve as a plan and as the backbone of your whole essay. Having an outline, you understand how to develop your ideas.

4. Write the introduction with a thesis statement for the classification essay

Start with explaining what your paper will categorize, what it will achieve, and your logic to do that. Use a special hook sentence to attract readers’ attention, and it can be:

  • Interesting statistics and facts;
  • Rhetorical questions;
  • Quotes by famous people;
  • Poetry quotes;
  • Anecdotes or jokes;
  • Metaphors, similes, or allegories.

What is a key part of any introduction? It’s a thesis statement for classification essay writing. It should be powerful enough to make your targeted readers realize the main point while being brief and concise. Your thesis statement should:

  • Determine the important methods that you will test;
  • Identify specific classes and give their brief explanations;
  • Set specific expectations for the audience.

Write it at the end of your introduction. Repeat it in the opening lines of your concluding paragraphs.

5. Work on a classification essay conclusion

A classification essay conclusion is the ending paragraph of your academic paper, and this is where you need to put together all the classes that you analyze and test in the main body. Give readers a short summary of each category. Determine whether you can recommend a specific one over others, emphasize your reasoning, and leave final comments on each class without being repetitive.How to use transition words for classification essay writing

What is the role of transition words for classification essay writing? They serve as important building bricks. You need to use them to write a logical piece that consists of a few sections, including:

  • Explanations of basic criteria;
  • Discussions about their weak and strong sides;
  • Strong examples to describe each group.

There are many transition words and phrases that you can use to move from one idea to another smoothly. They provide your paper with a logical flow.

3. Revise and proofread a final draft

When a final draft of your academic paper is ready, don’t forget to reread it a few times to ensure that it’s free of grammar, punctuation, styling, and other mistakes that will ruin its content. Ask other people for help if you feel tired to do that. Take a break before proofreading and editing your draft.

Above, you can find the information necessary to complete this type of academic assignment easily and impress readers with its quality. If it’s not enough for you or you have other problems with academic writing, contact our team of professional authors. Order their custom papers to solve them all. We’re here to help you fast.

Excellent ideas for classification essay topics

If you can’t find any interesting classification essay topics, look at the following list of suitable and original ideas. They include a few categories to make your choice easier.

Ideas for your classification essay about diets

  • Healthy and nutritional meals in the morning;
  • The most unhealthy and destructive food products;
  • Eco-food today;
  • The best diet to stay slim;
  • Excellent food choices.

Topics for your classification essay on animals

  • Popular home pets;
  • How to divide mammals;
  • The most dangerous animals;
  • Rare species in Australia;
  • Endangered species in the modern world.

What are good ideas for your classification essay on music?

  • Different genres of modern music;
  • The role of music in moral development;
  • Famous rock songs and bands;
  • A fresh wave of music;
  • Popular singers in the world.

Topics for a classification essay on sports

  • How to categorize sports ethics;
  • The modern sports industry;
  • Women in Olympic Games;
  • Sponsors and sports;
  • Gambling and sports.

What are movie classification essay topics?

  • Movies based on popular novels;
  • The categorization of modern films;
  • Retro movies and their different genres;
  • Famous actors in the world;
  • Popular actresses;
  • Top movies.

Need help with classification essay writing?

After reading the above guide you know how to write a good classification and/or division essay. You also have a list of ideas for topics to choose. But if you want to get help with your writing, try our online writing services. We have a team of professionals writers who are experts in different disciplines. They can write a quality and custom classification for you just in three hours, allowing you to spend your time on other important issues.