New Home for Your Child: Choosing the Right School

New Home for Your Child: Choosing the Right School

Children grow very fast, and at some point all parents understand that it is time for them to look for a school for their dearest child. We all know that it is the school that plays a major role in children’s development because it does not only let them acquire knowledge and skills that will be useful for their future adult life, but also helps children find their place in society and to learn more about people’s relations and communication. Moreover, in school we meet our friends, and we also spend most of our time there – first in the classroom, then working on some events and participating in extracurricular activities. Even at home children have to think about school because they usually have piles of homework assignments and other tasks that must be done. Yes, many years of our lives are inseparably connected to our school. This is why we all understand how crucial it is to choose the right school for a child that will make him/her happy and successful.

A School Is for a Child

You are a very lucky person if your school life was full of bright moments and if you enjoyed attending classes every day. If you consider your school to be the best institution in the entire world, it does not mean that your child will feel the same way. As many professionals say, parents should completely forget about their ambitions and desires when they are in search of a school for their children. Usually parents think that they know better what is good or not for their little genius. However, our children are the ones who really experience school life, and if they are unhappy about something, it is better to find out the reason of their unhappiness: maybe, they are complaining for a reason and their school is not as good as you thought. Keep in mind that children do not tend to tell everything to their parents. Make sure to listen to them and take them seriously if they share things with you.

What Is Your Child’s Individuality?

We encourage you to do your research and to read various sources – from official website and magazines to parents’ forums and blogs – to find out more about schools in your city. Since it is a hard decision, it should be rational and pragmatic. However, thinking in terms of pragmatics prevents us from listening to our inner voice and intuition. Look at your child carefully: what kind of individuality does your son/daughter have? You are the only person who truly knows your child and who can tell what his/her strengths and weaknesses are.

If you found an extremely good school (according to the reviews and ratings) with huge classes, and your child has always stayed at home and has not been in the kindergarten, then it is a great idea to look for another place: your child may feel uncomfortable with so many students in the class and won’t be able to concentrate on the subjects and study normally. Consider another, smaller school, where teachers offer individual approach to everybody. Perhaps, you child is fond of music or painting? In this case, schools that have music or art classes as a part of their program will be a wonderful option for you boy/girl. We also encourage you to think about your child’s ability to do a huge amount of homework assignments, or term pepers: a first grade student is not supposed to spend more than an hour on homework; however, a lot of school that care about their students’ performance go far beyond this limit. This should be taken into account as well. You want your child to be health and not too stressed.

Do Not Believe Everything You Read

Today we all tend to read different magazines or websites that rate various institutions (schools, colleges, and universities) and think that the top school is definitely the best one. However, even the top-ranked school has its pitfalls that you cannot know about if you do not speak to people who have experienced learning or working in this institution. When you are looking at the ratings, it is also very important to track the long-term school academic profile: today the school can be one of the top-ranked ones, but what is it academic success? What was the position of this school in the ranking last year, two years ago, or even five years ago? Does it have any progress or, on the contrary, is losing some points?

If the school has the open day, do not hesitate to go there and check every single area that you are interested in. You want to feel the atmosphere in this school, see the students, the classrooms – even the tiniest details that matter to you. Maybe, you will even have a chance to chat with some of the students: they will tell everything they truly think about this place and its teachers. It is you right to make sure that this school will be a good place for your child. There are a lot of ways to decide which school to choose. Maybe, your child wants to study with his/her friends, and this will be enough for him/her to be happy and interested in attending classes and spending time in school. Listen to your child, discuss this choice with him/her – you might surprised by their ability to make decisions.