What is an Annotated Bibliography: Learn How to Use Citations in Different Styles

What is an Annotated Bibliography: Learn How to Use Citations in Different Styles

What is an annotated bibliography? The writer not always understands what exactly he should do. Often authors don’t even understand the main purpose. What does an annotated bibliography look like? It is not easy to get the main purpose correct. If you didn’t deal with writing annotated bibliography before, you would need a helping hand for sure.

Our service gives you few simple but helpful tips on how to do an annotated bibliography that will help you to deal with your task. There is a lot to do with formatting in this situation. What is an annotated bibliography, its formatting, and requirements for this type of academic writing? All these and even more we are going to discuss in this article. Do not waste your time seeking for some cheap tricks and get yourself prepared with our help.

What is an Annotated Bibliography All About

Before you start. What is an annotated bibliography? It is a simple list of citations. These citations are about any documents. It is great to use articles and books. The best way to do a citation is to get a short description. It is called the annotation. Its purpose is informative. With its help, the reader will know all the points he needs to know about your citation.

Annotated Bibliography Definition

Few more words about annotated bibliography definition. This type of work is about listing citation a writer took from different sources. It may be books, articles, various files, and documents. The writer should use about 150 words for brief and informative description of each citation. It is called the annotation. Its goal is to inform the reader about the purpose, value, and relevancy of the cited sources. What does an annotated bibliography look like in real life? Let’s find this out.

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography Step by Step

Let’s start with a brief listing of how to write an annotated bibliography step by step:

  • Do research
  • Read sources and take notes
  • Consider main ideas of the source
  • Note your questions
  • Choose useful citations
  • Summarize them
  • Evaluate in your paper

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

At the initial stage of writing, you may need some solid focus on the sources that have been used in your work. It is not enough just to learn how to write an annotated bibliography. It is a job for an experienced writer with developed skills. The writer should have analytical, researching, exposition skills on the proper level. To make the best annotation, you should summarize the main topic and direction of the source.

What Does an Annotated Bibliography Include

It is clear that you need to list all the citations you used in your article. But what does an annotated bibliography include more? Let us list all the ingredients of APA annotated bibliography format and other types:

  • Citation itself
  • It's source
  • Author’s name and data
  • A brief explanation of the source

Annotated Bibliography Outline

Lots of students who don’t even realize what does an annotated bibliography look like, ask if they need to create an annotated bibliography outline. You can consider this stage as the starting stage of your writing. Here are few main tips to consider:

  • Locate all the citations you used from a source
  • Record all those citations carefully
  • Examine your records
  • Use useful citations only
  • Choose the style of citation as requested to your format

Purdue Owl APA Annotated Bibliography

Regarding Purdue owl APA annotated bibliography instructions you need to use these features in your citations list:

  • Author’s name.
  • Source title.
  • Container title.
  • All the contributors.
  • A version of the source.
  • Number of versions
  • Publisher of this very source you used.
  • Date of the source release.
  • Location where it was published.

Annotated Bibliography APA

Here is how your annotated bibliography APA style should look like:

  • Write the name of the contributor. Add the last date of edit that can be found. Include the title of the source.
  • Martin, E., Steward, F., Broderick, R., Monroe, P., Mendes, N., Mykolayenko, S., Berger, (2018, April 10). General format.

MLA Annotated Bibliography

You need to cite your source (book, article or document) using appropriate format. MLA annotated bibliography is one of the most popular styles students use in their works. For all of those formats, there are main things you need to include in your list.

MLA format was created by Modern Language Association. This format of writing can be very tricky. You can meet it in various paper tasks during your education period.

You need to provide the citation and then describe it using this simple annotated bibliography example:

As Gerald F. Panned said, it is very easy to identify corruption by “greed, incompetence, fear, lack of comprehension, and solid feel of disgust” (8).
Work Cited
Panned, Gerald F. Material Life of Phantom Fears. Knopf, 1978.

Chicago Style Annotated Bibliography

Please be clear that while providing your citation in Chicago style annotated bibliography, you should not interrupt your text. It could be very descriptive and state the main features of your source and its author.

Consider making your list very descriptive, and it should not be brief. This will help your reader not to lose the main strain of your article. Those writers who are dealing with this citation format should be patient as their task is not the easiest one. The author of paper should consider footnotes to be extremely important. Those notes are crucial if one wants to make his paper correct.

Each moment there is a reference created, there should be a note made. Even if it is just a paraphrase of the reference and not a complete citation, there should be a note left. The writer is free to add footnotes at the end of a page or place them in a separate part of the paper. The nature of source does not really matter.

Chicago Annotated Bibliography Example

Here is how the writer should create Chicago annotated bibliography:

Dreg, Mary, Frederic Cobourg. “The power of a Child. It's Influence on Parents, 2001 – 2009.” Journal of Modern Family Values Researches 46, no. 6 (2010): 376-378.

Here two popular scientists Mary and Cobourg discus the main problem of modern families. The influence on parents by children in a complex society and open globalization processes. They analyze the main purpose of childfree movement using research data from modern family problems and values.

The description of this extract can be even three times longer.

Turabian Annotated Bibliography

Turabian annotated bibliography has its own features and special details you need to reckon with. The description of the annotation in this style should be very informative and has few main stages. The writer should use them in the right manner and tone. Consider one or two sentences for each stage.

  • Citation itself
  • Introduction to the general features
  • Summary of the main idea
  • The scope of valuable ideas
  • Purpose of this very citation
  • Usefulness to your research or topic
  • The audience this citation was addressed to

Annotated Bibliography Topics and Tips

The main annotated bibliography topics are about:

  • Book
  • Article
  • Document

Here are also few tips about what is an annotated bibliography:

  • Your focus should be really narrow. Do not try to cover everything about the source of your citation.
  • You should deal with relevant and related sources only. Keep it in mind while researching.
  • Get all the sources together and choose the most useful from the start.
  • You should do a summary of the source and do its analysis. Do it to identify the relevant and really valuable information.
  • The source should be used to support your narrowed topic.
  • The body of your annotation should be very simple with no cheap wordiness.
  • You should use the assigned format only. Wondering what does an annotated bibliography look like? Get through all possible instructions about formatting.

Annotated Bibliography Example

And here is the last typical example of an annotated bibliography.

This very example used APA format and was created as an article citation:

White, Jeremiah L., Ferguson, (1997). The problem of modern youth identification regarding social networks and mass media influence. Mexican Sociology Reviewer, 35, 46-78.

The author of this research has a wide experience in the modern family and globalization topic. He uses data from the National Columbian University and his own researches. There are few tests included. Young Columbian students were tested about their influences and use of modern technologies. Contemporary researches about the topic were ignored for the purity of the experiment. The hypotheses of the author were strongly supported by the results of the researches and tests. Modern youth are extremely influenced by their idols and friends from social media. Those results and conclusions were very important for this very article and my research. You are free to get more details from the article I was using in this work. All the citations support the main purpose of this paper and its solution regarding the existing problem.

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