How I Wrote My First 1000 Word Essay

How I Wrote My First 1000 Word Essay

Okay, I have to admit that writing is not my biggest strength, and it has never been one; and the idea of having to write a 1000 word essay scared me. And I am sure I am not alone here: thousands of other students would agree that it’s not easy. To write a long 1000 word essay of any type and due to its topic it means I would have to invest time and effort, none of which I really have at the moment.

Note that you can’t simply ignore this requirement. So, here is my story of how I pulled myself together and wrote an excellent 1000-word essay. The essay was about two pages long, and I got an excellent grade and I’m really proud of this experience!

Tips on Writing a 1000 Word Essay Successfully

To craft a decent academic composition and stay sane by the end of the day, you can always use one of the two options: either ask professional writers online to help you or apply the tips I am about to share.

If you have time and desire to master this task, you should try your skills and take a shot; if not, the option with essay writers is just as good.

So, what is my secret of nailing this job? I have a list of tips that got me through the process, and here I gathered them all in one place:

Start Early

Yes, this might sound boring, but you won’t be able to compose a top-notch assignment and conduct in-depth research unless you start early. It’s a time-consuming task, think about it days in advance.

It is best to have a few days on hand. You will be able to find related credible sources, read the information thoroughly, take notes of the most important points, craft an outline, compose an essay, and finally proofread and edit it. If you used to state that writing a 1000 word essay is only about the process of creating it, you could not be further from the true meaning. Real life differs. It consists of many significant stages you cannot miss; so, give it some time and don’t get down to work last minute.

Conduct the in-depth research

The research is at the core of any good 1000 words essay. Your goal is to find scientific articles, books, or guides on the subject you are covering and familiarize yourself with it. I used the old-school way of going to the library. Not only it helped me stay focused (which is typically impossible at home); it helped me finding a totally reliable sources of information.
Of course, you can always search the web for posts written by prominent specialists. But if they are few in number, the library is your top choice. Consider contacting your tutor to get recommendations on the research: he might have a list of trusted sources you can use in your 1000 word essay.

Decide on the Proper Format

Your grade depends on the correctness of the format you choose; you can’t afford not paying enough attention to this issue.
A 1000 word essay format defines the font and its size, margins, alignment, and the citation style. All these points are critical to the general success of your piece.
To find out what word format you need to use, read the prompt carefully or ask your tutor. There are four main styles including MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard; still, there are variations; so, please pay attention!

Create an Outline

I use an outline as a blueprint in any essay. It helps me to stay focused on the main idea and not lose track of what I am trying to say here.
Crafting an outline requires around half an hour; it is totally worth it, as it saves much more time than that.
The outline of a 1000 word essay does not have to be long. It should not contain tons of unnecessary details. Its main goal is to help you organize your thoughts, figure out how many sections you want to have in your 1000 word essay, what each one of them will center around and which sources you can use to backup your position.
For it, use the notes you took when conducting the research and distribute them among various parts of your 1000 word essay. Note that every argument you provide in an essay should be supported by strong evidence from these sources. Keep it short and don’t go into details about each argument. You can do this in the starting draft.

Use the Proper Structure

Even though this written piece is quite short, it should contain all the essential parts of a longer essay.
Your 1000 word essay should start with an introduction, several main body paragraphs. End it with a powerful conclusion. I am going to talk about the structure I used in my essay in a bit.

Craft the Initial Draft

Don’t expect the initial draft to be perfect: you will make mistakes. You will have a chance to fix them later; right now, just let your thoughts flow. Don’t focus heavily on the correctness of your grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting or any other mistakes you could have made.

Take a Break

Once I finished the draft of my 1000 word essay, I took a break. I realized that after a couple of hours spent on this task, I am more likely not to pay attention to mistakes. Thus, I switched my focus off and only got back to the task in a couple of hours when I was ready to look at the piece with a fresh eye.

Edit Relentlessly

Now comes the time to proofread and edit your piece. I chose to read it several times out loud and asked my friend to read it out loud while I listened. This way not only I got his valuable perspective on my 1000 word essay and heard it “from outside.” That is a great trick, and it worked perfectly in my case!

Now, let’s see what the structure of a 1000 word essay I used.

The Structure of a 1000 Word Essay

Knowing the structure makes the essay writing much easier. All you have to do is organize your thoughts due to this structure: it makes the text understandable and resolves many complex questions.

There are three main parts of a 1000 word essay that must be present in any written essay.

  1. An introduction.
    I knew this was my only chance to make a memorable first impression. The length of a typical introduction should not exceed a couple of sentences. The introductory sentence is widely known as a “hook.” Its main goal is to grab your reader's attention.
    In my case, I used interesting statistical data I found online. You can try adding some anecdotal data, fun facts, or controversial questions (whatever would interest you will work with your audience). Here comes the time to develop a hook into a couple of sentences and a thesis statement; a thesis statement is the general idea of your text explained in one sentence.
  2. Main body paragraphs.
    Next, I wrote four main body paragraphs; I dedicated each of them to a different argument supporting my thesis statement. Given the overall length of a piece, each new main body paragraph consisted of only a couple of sentences: an argument supporting the thesis statement, evidence (or even two pieces of it) supporting it, and a short conclusion. Use this scheme to write your own composition.
    Since my topic was covered by many scholars, I had tons of arguments; so, I opted for fours paragraphs; you might want to write fewer than that.
  3. A conclusion.
    Finally, comes the time to wrap it all up in a conclusion. My approach to composing conclusions is quite common among other young people; I simply restated that thesis statement, reminded the audience of my arguments, and called the readers to action. If this approach does not fit your ideas, you can always end with an open-end question or a challenge.

Bottom Line

This is how I wrote my 1000 word essay. Of course, I have crafted dozens of other written pieces before. This one was different because it was much longer than an average essay my tutors ever asked me to craft. From what I see, there isn’t much difference between it and other shorter written pieces: I have more space to support my argument and debate on the issue. The structure remains unchanged.

If you are a lazy student, there is always a chance to use the assistance of writing services that can either craft a new essay in a day or add changes to an existing one should you need help with editing. This decision is completely up to you.

I chose to write a piece all by myself, and it turned out just great! My tutor loved, and after hours of practice I can guarantee that the next essay I will work on will be a much simpler task for me I will finish with no problem at all.